I am fed up, of the lieing

right, this is about me and my boyfriend, too be honest, I duno what to do anymore, and the reason why is because, I am fed up, of the lieing, and just everything, I just cant be bothered with anything anymore, me and him met july last year, we started seeing eachother, he didnt want to be in a relationship, we sorted it out, we met up and we’ve been together ever since, when we’re with eachother in person, we’re absolutley perfect together, hugging, cant keep our hands off eachother, we’re holding one another all the time, we do everything together, shower together, wash eachother’s backs, wash eachothers hair, dry eachothers hair, he sits they’re and blow drys it for me, we cuddle up and watch films together and fall asleep in eachothers arms the lot, but when we first met, he had this bestmate called ‘zoey’ she was disgusting, fat, emo, the lot, she was revolting, I hated her so much, and I had a best guy mate called scott, my boyfriend didn’t like him, so we made a deal, he deletes zoey ill delete scott, we done it, then 2 months down the line my boyfriend told me he didnt actually delete her, and that hes kept her, he broke down crying because he thought I was going too finish him, I told him 2 not add her again or its defentley over, he said okay, then about 2-3 months ago, we had 1 massive argument, and straight away he goes and adds her back, he told me he asked for her ‘advice’ on wether to get back with me or not, then when I really asked him he said he doesnt know, and that she was the only person he could really speak too, seeing as they we’re bestfriends for 2 years, speaking every single day, then he promised to never speak too her again, about 2-3 later, we had another big argument, she added him on facebook, I then mouthed her asking why, and she said that he told her too, I quiestioned him about it, he told me he didnt add her back, but he did, 3 times now, I have told him if he does it once more I am defentley gone for good, but thinking about it now, why should I be with him, hes lied to me 3 times about this what else is he going too lie about? how do I know he aint lieing about anything now? he swore down on his mother’s life that he wouldn’t add her again but I dont know wether to beleive him or not, we’re amazing together, and we’ve been together 1 year 1 month and 1 day, my parents love him and al my family do, I have never been so happy, and he doesnt pay as much attention too me as he did either, we used too see eachother everyday of the week, but now its sunday - tuesday, me and him both work the rest of the week, but now he wants to take it to like 1 day a week, I told him no and he said okay, but I feel as if I just aint worth it anymore, as if he doesnt want me anymore, im even thinking about overdossing, just anything, I feel so bad that I aint making him happy or anything, I have tried so hard to impress him, I’ve sat there for over an hour doing my makeup the lot trying too look good for him he doesnt even notice, we’re amazing together when we aint arguing, we’ve been for meals, pizza hut, bowling, cinema, like any other couple, and I dont want to loose him, whats worse is that I might be pregnant with his kid, I duno what to do between me and him tho? will he lie too me again or what, I told him I want to speak 2 him tonight when he wakes up at 8 because he’s been working all night but what shal I say, what can I say that will make him understand if he lies 2 me once more about anything im gone and that he needs to start paying more attention to me because its getting me down so much, sorry if I sound like an attention seeker, I just want me and him 2 be like we used too be, I just want him 2 not lie too me, and not 2 speak to that ‘zoey’ girl again and to pay attention too me, I’ve gotta ask him too comment me on facebook so I can get up to a nice comment, I’ve gotta ask him to comment my pictures, too make me feel wanted, I’ve gotta ask him too do it, and I shouldnt be asking him, any advice please? it would be extremeley helpful, thankyou so much, kerry x

Answer #1

To be honest, if you don’t like his friend, that’s your problem not his. You shouldn’t tell him to get rid of her or your done, because that’s just being a btch. Friends come first, and I can’t believe you got rid of your friend for him. Friends ALWAYS come first, no matter how awesome your boyfriend may be. I’m sure your friend was upset that you ditched him for your boyfriend, so that’s something you should sort out. That Zoey girl may sound revolting, but don’t hate people because of their looks, that’s also being a btch.

Answer #2

the thing is, he said he only added her back because he done it 2 make me mad, he knows I hate it, because we had an argument and I turnt around and said ‘im guna go 2 college and guna be shagging all the boys there’ and then he turnt around and added her, I dont want to split up with him, I cant, I’ve tried, I just cant, everywhere I look is just things from him, teddys, my ring he got me, flowers, whenever we argue when he’s at mine he’ll go down the shop and buy me flowers, he’s amazing, I just want him 2 pay attention too me more, and show me he does want me and stop on about her. also last night, he was on about going to this festival with his mate, and I was like oh right, he was like yeah im guna be sleeping in a tent for 2 nights, I was like whats there, he was like drunken people, beer and that, and I was like you expect me 2 let you go 2 some place and stay out for 2 nights with like 50 odd drunken girls around you, he was like more like 20,000 actually, and we ended up arguing, then he was like oh I thought it would be good for us, I said too him why would you want to take me to a festival with drunken people around us and stayin in a tent? he’s swore down he aint going too it, and he aint because he’s working, but its the fact he done it 2 hurt me, he knows I hate it and I worry when he goes out, hes just making it so much worse for me, I just want him too not speak too any girls he’s deleted in the past and just pay attention too me, otherwise im gone, I just want him 2 understand :(

Answer #3

dear kerry,,, you look insanly in love with the guy..and he seems a nice guy too..

first of all,,this zoe girl you’re taking it way to far..from what I read I gess him and her can simply be just friends..can’t you accept that??

2nd,,,darling..-I mean this in the sweetest way possible- you frankly a little bit despret for attention..I mean yes in the beggening of you relationship you all over each other holding hand and stuff like that..but once you pass this phase ‘the beggening’ it is normal to be alittle bit..what shell I call it?? less emotionally..so is every realtionship..you should be happy that you’ve reached that far

about lieing,,which I think is the most worrisome..the man is a lier…I’m not telling you to accept this about him..just try going easy on him..don’t track every thing about him..give him some space..and the most important make him feel that you’re the ine who should talk to when he has a problem or somthing..I’m gessing thats why this zoe existed in the first place he is seeing somthing about her that he doesn’t in you..I’m not shore what is this thing in zoe but try finding it..and mke him see it in you

wish you all the best

Answer #4

but I feel as if I just aint worth it anymore, You’re right it ain’t … WALK ! there’s just too much drama here. You can lead a horse to water, but whether or not it drinks is beyond your control. I just want him 2 understand Show him the door. That shouldn’t be too hard to understand. Don’t worry he has another place to go- as usual. Good luck

Answer #5

ok, first off, you need to tell your parents and him that you might be pregnant with his baby that way if your are pregnant, then the baby will be healthy! take a pregnancy test and find out if you are pregnant or not. Also I really think you should just break up with him and stop threatening him because obviously, if he really did love you and care about you, he would listen to you and stop trying to break your guy’s relationship! stop giving him chances, he obvisiously doesn’t care about you. I also think he likes that zoe girl, because why else would he keep talking to her unless its just to make you mad! NO GIRL DESERVES THAT SH*T!!! break up with him and focus on living a healthy happy life with just you, your family, your friends, and maybe your baby! GOOD LUCK!!! if you have any thing you need to talk about, just funmail me!

Answer #6

I think if he says zoey is he only 1 he can talk to he is in love with her (maybe not her looks but her) when a guy is in love with you he will persue you and spend time with you 1 day a week does not count this is the time you need to be strong because love can make you do soome crazy things and your life is worth so much please dont overdose and if youre pregnant and want to keep it dont start a relationship up back again with him if he wants to spend time with the child thats 1 thing but you are not his dooormat

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