What is a modified PS2?

What excaclty is a modified ps2 I need one to do something

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=) Thanks, but I was assuming he was modding to play copied games, not backups (As usually what happens whith chipped consoles) which is illigal as you are breaking copyright laws on the digital media you are copying. And another note, you are not allow to copy games you already own, unless given licence by the company itself (makers of emulators ofter are prosecuted for creating roms that have not been safe to copy) “Once you buy the console, it is actually still property of Sony,” thats an inocrrect statement. As it is not found under the terms and conditions of Sony plc. It is your property as soon as you pay for it. The only way it could remain property of sony is if it is either - Virtual property (Online) or explicity explained in the T+Cs.

but madcat has prooven me wrong =D

Answer #2

As has been answered by Joe, there is a modded PS2 and a modified PS2. Both names have different meanings. A modded console in most cases changes something internally, IE; new firmware, etc to be able to do something it was not originally intended for. Usually can play pirated copies/backups/etc.

Also, Joe is incorrect about the LAW in the United Kingdom. Modding a PS2, XBOX360, XBOX, etc is perfectly legal. Once you buy the console, it is actually still property of Sony, but for one to rip open hardware and modify it someway when it is classed as a consumer electronic/entertainment product is difficult to fine over. The UK Government has no way to enforce Sony’s (don’t modify) rule, and therefor the only way that people get fined if Sony actually take these people to court. The misunderstanding is that the only people that are prosecuted are the ones who are actually breaking the law, in other words using the modded console and/or other hardware to illegally sell or reproduce for the pirate market.

There are several business out there that have been going for 10+ years who have been modding consoles on mass scales for a long time, and they have managed to be left alone. They are registered business and pay their tax.

The reason why they are left alone is they are not illegally modding anything with the intent on piracy. They are selling them as “for use only playing backups of copies you already own”. We all know the same could be applies to games backups, but believe it or not, t here are actually laws that prevent the mass selling of digital goods. A modded console is taking the original and change it a bit, requiring the console to still be used to play backups. Therefor there is never an unlimited supply, and there are no full scale restrictions as the console still has to be manufactured from scratch.

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If your wanting a modded PS2 (Which I am assuming you mean) it is illigal, with the same rules applied as there is with Pirateing DVDs etc. Basically, the case is cracked open (Warrenty is then VOID) then the chipset will be removed, unsoldered, then resoldered with a silicon 10x5mm chip. This allows the console to play copied, or overseas titles I may warn you now. In the UK the fine for someone chipping consoles is 5000£ On the spot, prosecution, and further damages to be paid towards the company involved (In this case sony) and the recieve of the chipped console will also recieve a 5000£ on the spot fine and an unlimited jail sentance

Its not worth it, it ruins the econamy, its illigal

and just dont do it

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A modified PS2 isn’t anything specific. Modified simply means that it’s been altered or changed in some way from the original PS2 model. Modifications can vary from the color of the shell to the width (hence the silver PS2 and the slim PS2).

Sometimes a specific modification is done through using mod chips which allows you to play imports and backups of software that you own with your PS2 console.

Answer #5

its the thinner,better quality ps2 that was released a couple years ago

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