why do play games with others hearts?

Answer #1

stupidity. ungratefulness. immaturity. heartless.

the list goes on, we cant blame it all on one reason, everyone has their own motives.

Answer #2

Your question doesn’t make sense. ‘’why do play games with others hearts?’’’ –Did you mean why do PEOPLE play games with others hearts? –Well it all depends on the person. What they are gaining out of it. Some people lie and make someone beleive they love them so they can get something out of it. It depends on the person and what they are trying to gain. –If you went out witha guy or girl and bought them something and they told you they love you for it,then they don’t love you,they love what you bought them and lie and try to get you to buy more things. Is one example. –Others may use and game with others hearts to get back at someone. Or maybe because they just simplely like to hurt people. it depends.

Answer #3

could it be just for the attention too?

Answer #4

Um. Depends on what attetion they are wanting to get out of hurting someone.

Answer #5

yea i think so

Answer #6

Okai? What is this regaurding?

Answer #7

this is redaurding a person i suspect to be playing the field maybe just waiting for a better deal to come alone.. never really getting close enough to have feelings

Answer #8

So your dating someone that you think doesn’t care about your feelings to much—? –If you are wanting to get close to him/her and they aren’t allowing it,then it may be that they are just scared of getting hurt. Or they could be playing you. Maybe you could talk to them or do some sneeking around and try and catch them if you think they are cheating or something. -Some people don’t purposly intend on hurting others. Some guys or girls like to have their dinner and a side. If you get what i;m saying. And people like that have no feelings.

Answer #9

yea i get what ur saying, and i have been kinda snooping around. just dont wanna feel like a stalker or some freak, but it is my heart thats in this too, so i should know if thats whats goign on right?

Answer #10

yeah. I don’t consider that being a stalker. If you suspect your bf or gf of cheating then catch them in the act! ^^

Answer #11

thanks ;)

Answer #12

Mhmm ^_^

Answer #13

Maybe because some people are like this,they don’t even realize what they are doing and keep on breaking hearts,thats their nature and thinking.They definitely do this for fun and to have different experiences,which is so immature.

Answer #14

because most people’s lungs and livers are too badly damaged

Answer #15


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