Plans for the summer?

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Turning 16 soon, trying to get a job, taking 2 classes, just having fun with friends and family basically.

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imma be workin all summer as a lifeguard... I plan on going to my aunt's house (I havent been there in a long time) and buyin a cell phone and a guitar

planning a wedding

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oh well im not doin much mostly chillin, playing guitar, and watchin NASCAR

What do you plan on doing this summer?
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The beginning of July I''m going to my dads company picnic which is always really fun.
For a week at the end of July I'm going on a camping trip on Ottawa River with my boyfriend and his family.
Beginning of August I'm going camping with my parents in some caves for a few days.
Oh and August 2nd is my 19th birthday so of course that will be a big celebration, then my boyfriends birthday is on the 14th we are going to a Casino for that night.
After all that I'm going to look for a full time job.

Planning things with school friends, for the summer

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Nothing. except getting ready for college. Besides that nothing.

What are some crazy things to do before summer ends?
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I'm buying a cell this weekend hopefully and I already have a guitar :P

myspace this summer dude?

Teen Survey, what are you doing this summer?

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computer and here that is all maybe the 25 a sweet sixteen for a friend oh and pool hopefully:)

Summer holidays
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shut up about the nascar

Has anyone hearsd of tuba christmas or tuba summer

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Vacationing, Swimming, hanging with friends, sleeping, basically whatever I feel like.

Summer Activites?

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