Do you thik thare is life in other planets?

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im not sure...its really possible.

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Or there once was, but no longer is.
We'll find out eventually...
or not

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Do you think there's life in other universes??? o.O??

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I think so..

like where do the aliens live..


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the universe didnt just create over trillions of planets only to put life on a tiny little on in the middle of nowere
there is life almost everywere
its just not the kind of life that most people could imagine

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Yes, when you consider how immense the universe is, it's highly likely that life, in various forms, has evolved elsewhere as well. But there is no guarantee, and certainly not likelihood, that it is life in the way we know it.

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It is SO INCREDIBLY unlikely that we on earth are the only life in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE it's mostly life like cells and maybe small animals on other planets, not weird looking humanoids that fly in saucers, although there might be, it's unlikely

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I think using UV filters, telescopes and other measurement things to complex for my brain they have found 3 planets around stars the size of our Sun and roughly the same distance. So maybe there is life on there, would be cool if we discovered aliens in our life time :D

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the odds are deff toawrds there being life out there. doesnt have to be advanced or intellegent it can just be life, hell we could have it all wrong and there were advanced cats on the planet before us, if the human race wer to dissapear ina few thousand years (which is liek a second for a star) there would be little to no evidence left we ever existed.

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