Places to makeout in school?

Haha just wonderin wht some good places would be, (highschool)

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well I already do.. and really its before school so its technically aloud? maybe? idc.
but my girlfriend is grounded so like I dont see her besides school =( so ya. schools where its got to be haha

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I just wouldn't. im sure you can contain yourself until your somewhere it's allowed.

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I know we have sound proof rooms but I don't know where they are =(

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I don't know what your school is like, but in our school music practice rooms are a great place not to get caught...there soundproof too

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haha sweet thanks, ya fire doors are too obv and stairs arnt so great for other things.
I hear like the theatre rooms are usually pretty empty but its wht I hear haha

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haha, trusttt me there are ways =) lol
I've done-
closets and gym

if you're ever alone, do that.
behind lockers is pretty good
bathroom's reallly risky, I personally wouldnt chance it.. all though I've gone in the boys bathroom on several different occassions, but never to makeout with someone haha

and if you have like an auditorium or any theater type place in your school..
mine used to be a college, and it's like 5 stories high.. so there's about a million places to go, lol.

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haha good idea, but I like lunch too much. thanks tho, uhhh if were found out embarrased I guess but it doesnt really matter haha, and its my girlfriend, so ya, no partner.
any other ideas?

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