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I really want a tattoo but I want it to be small and I want to be able to hide it. does anyone have any ideas? and I don't want it on my butt! or my chest! thanks.

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Like above, behind your ear would be really cute! I'm actually thinking about getting a little star or maybe a heart there.

Your neck, top of your foot, hand, lower back, stomach, toe even?
I'm not really sure if there's a lot of places for tattoo's that wouldn't be noticable..
But I hope I helped!

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Your ankel, behind you ear is cute like rihianna..em also on your shoulder ,hip,neck wrist them places aren't too noticable. Hope I helped(:

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Upper Thigh, Inner thigh, Groin, bottom of foot, there really aren't too many places to hide ink.

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on the back of your neck where your hair can hide it.behind the ear.foot.inside of your wrist (ouch).

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you can put it on your ankle or your upper arm!!!

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