Where are some place where their is lots of tourism?

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-Florida: Disney Land, Orlando studios, Miami, Beaches
-California: Disney World, Hollywood, Beaches
-New York

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Tourism in my country (New Zealand) is considered to be our top "export" - although Im not sure how it counts as an export. It certainly earns the country more money than anything else.

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We get a decent amount of tourist coming to Montana to see Glacier National Park, and other out door things. Income from tourism is a large part of our economy.

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Are there Lord of the ring tours?

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There are tours for ANYTHING in New Zealand! Anything that will make money- we do it. haha

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And yes, there are many specific lotr tours. I want to do the horse treking ones but I am poor and have no time.

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Tuorism is the largest industry in florida. Florida! :DD

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