Piercings - how bad each kind hurt, and what kind of pain

I’m debating between a few different piercings. I want to know how bad each kind hurt, and what kind of pain. please only respond if you’ve had any of these piercings. thank you! xxx.

Septum (inside of nose) Bellybutton Nose Lip Monroe (above the lip) or hip surface (2 on each side)

also is there certain ages that you have to be to get this piercing?

Answer #1

Well, I’ve only had my septum done out of that list (the other ones don’t really appeal), and after fourteen piercings, including my bridge, cartilege piercings, and a sideburn piercing, I can safely say it was probably the most painful one I’ve had. Uncomfy experience, VERY intense and sharp pain, and almost made me faint even with my very high pain tolerance.

Very much worth it though.

Answer #2

I actually would have a parents consent. So, is there still an age that you have to be? even with a parents consent. cause im pretty sure around here the age is 13.

Answer #3

In Tennessee you have to be 18 to get it done without parental consent.

As for pain, it is all subjective. It depends on how well you handle pain. I have several piercings and to me, none of them hurt. But I have an extremely high tolerance for pain.

Answer #4

You usually have to be 18. Out of that list, I’ve had my lip, and my boyfriend has his septum. Both were bearable pain-wise, the lip took awhile to heal.

I wouldn’t recommend getting surface piercings. They grow out so quickly it’s not even worth the money.

Answer #5

Septum (inside of nose) - It didnt hurt at all its the same as the side of your nose it just makes your eye water up a lot and quick. That and I was pierced with a 12 g instead of a 14 and love it. Some chicks though having that size gauge may make you nose look different besides the piercing as far as size so I was told. I said screw it and it all worked out :)

Bellybutton- dont have it

Nose- see septum

Lip- Its like my others the most discomfort depending on how they pierce you was the clamps. I was pierced twice two different ways. The other they prop your lip out with there fingures away from your teeth and I dont know technical term off of my head but just straight needle. I just felt pressure.

Monroe (above the lip)-Dont have that done yet will let you know

or hip surface (2 on each side)- I got mine done at the same time and yeah pain is different with everybody thats why its difficult to give a response as far as pain. Again I just felt pressure. Afterwards it didnt hurt either like most just tender. That and its a surface piercing its not going to heal the same as the others so talk to you piercer about that as well. That and there are other options with the way your pierced. Pain wise with dermals I could not tell you right now but give me a month and Ill let you know that as well.

Answer #6

I have had at least 14 piercings, most self done. I do not recomend it however. I dont’ have a nostril piercing so I cannot informyou of that one :P

[in order from painless to painful]

Ears[lobe]-didn’t hurt at all, and healed well with proper care.Gauging them also is painless as long as you don’t skip gauges.

smiley[the flap of skin on your gums by your front top teeth]-suprizinly, this one didn’t hurt really, It didn’t feel to well when I ate warm foods so I ate popsicles for a week :P this one is easy to hide from parents XD

navel-quick think pinch, not that bad at all

Septum[middle of nose like a bullring]-everyone said it hurts like hell but it was just a quick pinch for me. I barley felt it. However the healing is painful. The peircing is VERY tender, and you risk infections for almost 3-6 weeks. If you get an infection it could lead to death.I do not recomend self done septums, you have a risk of death.

Industrial[cartilage, a metal rod that goes from top of your earto bottom google it for pics]-depending on wea you get it,it doesn’t hurt that bad. The clamphurts more then the needle. It’s a strong pintch, and since it has two puntures you risk double the infection. this piercing was BY FAR THE WROST healing process for me. I couldn’t sleep on my right ear for a month and It is still tender.(2 months later) but it’s a very cool piercing. I recomend this cause your parents might approave of it the m,ost

lip[libret,snakebites.]not that painful,but you can feel hte needle go through all teh layers of skin. Make sure your peircer is fast. Your lip will swell and bleed and bruise a bit but other than that it’s fine.

lip[monroe, madonna]-for me it was more painful than snake bites, but the healing was fine.

bridge[between your eyes on the birdge of your nose]-I don’t have thisone but my friend does and he said it hurt bad. he described the pain as a ripping feeling and burning. the healing was tender.

Hips-14 gauge needle…hurt really bad. and You have to be careful because it has a HIGH risk of rejecting[the body pushing the piercing out of the skin, and it gets infected]


Answer #7

hip piercings? ewe. no offence hun dont get them im Bi and I would never think those things are attractive!! for anyone male or female. stick to your bellie button those are hot they hurt but no pain no gain right? also takes them longer to do?? so hey have fun with it. I wouldnt have a septum! and my ex has his lip peirced both sides and I dont know they aint attractive might as well get your tongue peirced so no one sees it. monroes dont hurt too bad, like I said bellie buttons are the worst! but the outcome is pretty, and did you know they never actually heal? not like ears and such b/c it’s into the skin deep! so if you get that done always have somthing in it for best results! goodluck w your pirecings

Answer #8

I have my belly button, ears, and an industrial (cartilage piercing) and the most painful piercing was my industrial. It hurt most after it was over, and it was just a quick pinch. My belly button didn’t hurt at all, I got it done when I was 15, and they didn’t numb me or anything.

Answer #9

I’ve only had nose, and I couldn’t even feel it. It’s small, but I really like it (:

And usually you have to be 18 or 16 with parental consent, but if you live somewhere like I do (outside NYC) you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding somewhere that doesn’t ask for ID or anything.

Answer #10

bellybutton is a little sore.. I’v had it dun 3 times because got infected .. keep it clean.. nose is sore 4 few seconds.. thinkn of gettin monroe dun

Answer #11

Well I’ve had most of my piercing done myself but ya I still don’t recommend it unless your really good at keeping it very clean …my nose didn’t hurt all that much, just putting the ring in was a little tender, I just pierced my industrial last night, ts been throbbing all day and it hurts like crazy but hopefully will clear up soon, belly button wasn’t too bad it was very tender a couple days after but I’ve had it for over a year now and it looks great! I dont recommed surface piercings I’ve had a few and they lasted maybe a month at the most then they ripped out and left scars:( I also have my web done and that by far is my favourite piercing I recommend that!!!:)

Answer #12

I personally think that getting your ears pierced hurts than getting you navel.

Answer #13

The Septum Doesn’t Hurt At All, I Got That Piercedd. Once You Put It In It Doesn’t Sting But, The Only Way It Hurts Is When You Put In The Ringg. But That’s All. But, Im Happy I Got It Cause, It Looks Amaazinqq (;

Answer #14

I just pierced my lip at home frist I burnt the needle for about 20 sec and then took those disinfectin wipes wiped the area and then stuck the needle throw it took like ten min make sure you ice it it helps and I dose not hurt that bad it like you bite your lip that it I recommend you do it urself because some shop dont clean very well but good luck and I have had my belly button to I also did it myself dont do it urself get it done by a pro and when I did it by myself it hurt like a bicth and when I got it done pro it bearly hurt so good luck

Answer #15

haha I’ve all exept the hips it depends on your pain tolerance, but its nothing you cant really handle, the pain only last a few seconds and to get them profesionally 16 is the average age you can get them without parental consent unless its in private parts…then its 18 however at 15 id suggest waiting a few more years to decide what you want and if you still want it especially with the surface peircings or any on your face as the editor says, surface peircings do grow out quickly, and if not removed at the right time can leave pretty bad scars

Answer #16

I have my bellybutton and two vertical surfaces done underneath it…none of them hurt but in responce to the hip piercings it may not be a great idea. I was actually going to get mine done recently but changed my mind just because the piercings I have now…especially the lowest surface is constantly getting snagged on my belts and pants…managed to rip it out a few times at work by leaning on a counter and it got caught and fell out…not a nice feeling haha.

Answer #17

I got my lip pierced yesterday, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be (I have an extremely low threshold for pain, too!). It takes about a half a minute and the initial pain feels like the needle when you get blood drawn. :]

I’m 18, so I didn’t have to have parental consent.

Answer #18

i have had my belly button done twice, top and bottom, it doesnt hurt at all unless you catch it on your top.. if you do catch it you should bathe it in salt water and that also will help it heal when they do it, they numb it and that feels like its burning you, then it just nips when they clamp it.. finally when they actually put the needle in there is not pain what so ever. keep it clean though (: p.s im 16 and needed no parental consent (:

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