How can i get piercings at age 15 without parental consent?

ok so im 15 and I want more piercings! I have 4 and im addicted! yeah im under age and parents wont let me get anymore but im going to get more anyway. and im scared to pierce them myself so what can I do?

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Do what you know to be right.

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what you want to get peirced, you can peirce it yourself but you have to make sure you're doing it right and that EVERYTHING you use is VERY CLEAN and's a big risk if you dont know what you're doing becuase you might do some nerve damage and get an infection...I do my own peircings and have done it for others, but someone taught the right way to clean everything and how to properly do it

but good luck yo

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cant without an adult, do you have any older friends or cousins? and I pierced my nose, its not that bad but I wouldnt do much urself because its really easy to screw it up BAD.

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Consider this: Do you want to be pierced by someone that would be fooled by a fifteen year old kid...?

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Do whatever you did to get the other four.

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God, don't do it yourself!

First of all, you most likely don't have surgical steel HOLLOW needles. Sewing needles, safety pins, and sharp earrings are NO GOOD for piercing. It causes blunt force trauma to your body, and increases the chance of infection, keloids, and rejection.

What's more, people often talk of "sanitizing" or "sterilizing" the equipment used. No, fire does not work. Boiling does not work. Alcohol does not work. There is a reason real piercers use an autoclave, and if you don't have access to one, you should not be piercing yourself.

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If you know someone that can pass as your legal guardian. You can lie and say there your parents!

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just take someone older you know & get them to lie for you :)

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^^^ I agree, lying is the best way. did it myself and it all worked out great

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im gonna get one of my brothers older friends to take me to get my nose pierced. hes a total idiot but hes close enough.

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if you do it yourself. USE A HOLLOW NEEDLE. to sanitize or sterilize the things you use while percing, soak it in a hydrogen peroxide,aclchol, salted mix for about 20 min. that works. did it in sience class about 2 years ago. I mymyself have had my septum done for 2 years and angel kisses for about 6 months. noninfecton. also if your wanting to hide your percings that are on your face you can get away with. septum,eyebrow,anti-eyebrow.a small small nose stud,or bridge. depending on what your hair looks like. you can cover most of thes percings up. exept for the septtum.(witch you can just flip in your nose).. but at 15. you can do a few thingss
1. get someone to take you and lie about it
2. do it yourself
3. bluf..say that when you 15 you dont have to get there permision to get it
4. move in with some 1 else? LOL
5. if they are not your LEGAL GUARDIANS (such as my mom) ask your guardians
6.switch states in different states it varys
thats all I got haha

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I my self am 15 I currently have three piercings in each ear and my nose pierced but when I was 14 I wanted my nose pierced sooo... bad but my parents just wouldn't have it so a friend and I decided to pierce our lips so we did we did it in her bathroom when we were there alone after school one day we made sure everything was as clean as can be before hand I hid it from my parents for like 4days when they found out they were mad so I took it out then about 2 months and many arguments later they let me get my nose pierced. im not saying to do what I did. im saying that I relieze piercing my lip was just an act of rebellion and stupid I could have had major problems sience I did it myself. so what im trying to say is just be pacient if you want piercings just wait untill its the right time dont try to force it talk to your parents dont argue let them know how you feel let them know your point of view.

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