Do you, or would you, pick up hitchhikers?

why or why not?

Answer #1

No I wudnt and because pickin up one is like a box of chocolates, u never know wat u gonna get

Answer #2

It’d probably depend on their appearance and if I were alone or not.

Answer #3


Answer #4

Sure! Why not? Personally, I don’t think the world is as scary as it’s made out to be. I mean, there are rapists, serial killers, m*rderers, child molesters, etc; sure, but I don’t think that every hitchhiker you pick up or every stranger you talk to is one of these people. More often than not, they probably aren’t.

Answer #5

No, I would not. I am very paranoid. I can barely get through the night without having nightmares. I’d feel sorry about driving off but I’d rather not be frightened.

Answer #6

Can’t judge a book by it’s cover, though! :P

Answer #7

No i wouldnt, because yu cant just go around picking up random, strangers, they could be crazy,or killers, yu just let anybody in yr car, or house, i think picking up a hitchhiker is just asking for trouble.

Answer #8

Personally, I wouldn’t if I was in the car alone. If someone was there, other than the hitchhiker - sure. However, I wouldn’t feel safe if I was alone & did it.

Answer #9

Not to be rude-Age- but your not even old enough to drive.

No - do not do it at all. There are bad dangerous men out there and some women are like that as well.. We are living in strange days. Furthermore, It is not a safe or wise idea to pick-up ANY hitchhikers. In these times, you never know who the weird ones are.

please be careful as well., Fade_toBlack or any other young lady out there even considering to do that… It’s not necessary. Not to be mean- But let ‘Em walk…

Answer #10

i dont think i would pick them up, but i was just seeing what other people’s opinions were on it.

Answer #11

That’s using your gut instincts, Fade’ …. & don’t think-just do it…..

Answer #12

If they were in serious trouble. But i would drop them off as soon as possible.

Answer #13

I’m not old enough to drive, true, lol, but even if I was, I think I’d do it. You only live once, right? :P

Answer #14

I’ve seen one to many episodes of csi so… Nope :)

Answer #15

That’s right - Once…. So don’t spend it going out of your way picking up strangers.. Personal safety is now more of an issue. They don’t televise missing people & horror stories these days just for the ratings.. Nothing against anyone hitch hiking but the person that picks them up could be the weirdo, its a two way thing. I’m a guy & I can most definitely hold my own, But like I said “Not to be rude” but some of you girls probably weigh about 92.3 pounds- light weights. “Hypothetically speaking.” How are you ladies going to hold your own if you were even in deranged lunatic situation?

If you are not prepared I suggest taking self-defense classes. Times have changed.. Just to let you know… Do Not Do It!

Answer #16

Sorry but I would really have to do some profiling of the person. If the guy has like a dirty unkempt appearance then no. But if I am driving and I see a broken minivan with the hood up and an older lady walking with a gas can then I will stop for help. One time this college girl in my town car broke down and she basically jumped in front of my car with a desperate look. She asked for a ride to her university! She had a test that she couldn’t afford to miss and begged me for a ride. I was just going grocery shopping so I took her 8 miles or so to her school. It made my day how grateful she was.

Answer #17

You tell ‘em, I’L… Don’t buy the chocolates, If you don’t know whats in it…

Answer #18


Answer #19

But CSI is far from realistic, lol.

Answer #20

Nope! I would rather give them some money so they can call a taxi or take on a bus instead of being in a car with a stranger with a fear of being attacked at anytime. In this case I would rather to be safe than to be kind LOL

Answer #21

But it still happends. Better safe then sorry!

Answer #22

If I don’t have my wife and kid I would pick them up from time to time.

Answer #23

well i wood have many years ago, but not now…..after u have ur own family u really watch what u do so u dont put them or u in harms way

Answer #24

Yes, sometimes. I mean, I usually drive the same road everyday and I know when the bus goes. So if there is someone hitchhiking 5 minutes after the bus should have gone and the next bus is in 2 hours, I’ll sure take him to town. Well most of these folks are living in my village.

On the German Autobahn you will often find young people hitchhiking from one picnic area to the next. Often before and after music festivals. I sometimes take hitchhikers there, too. But only if they seem nice.

Answer #25

From age 14-35 I hitchhiked a few hundred thousand miles, so yes, I would pick up any hitchhiker I could, to honor the generosity of the thousands of people who stopped for me - people of every description you can imagine.

For folks who are afraid of strangers, I like Sri’s suggestion to give them the price of a ticket (and a meal), if you have it to give.

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