Why are there so many "Ask for my Pic" photos showing on the Photo Page?

It will be a waste of time even bothering to look at the page before long. At the time of posting the page shows 15 out of 20 thumbnails as the grey “Ask for my Pic” icon, and only 5 actual photos / pictures. I think if a picture does not show up properly it should not even appear on the Photo Page. I mean, what is the point of it. Are many people actually asking to see these pictures, or do they just get ignored.

Answer #1

They are photos uploaded in the wrong format. As to appearing on rhe photo page, might be something they’re working on as they are working on a lot to improve the website.

Answer #2

ah no its just another FA bug :O

when a new question is posted it sometimes gets accompanied by one of those empty pics….

unintentionally of course….

Answer #3

Maybe, but I find it hard to believe that 75% of posters are attempting to upload pictures in the wrong format. I guess that by default almost everybody would assume .jpg pictures were OK and that is what they would most likely post. I am certain that jpegs post perfectly OK, and I am pretty certain that non-animated .gif images are also OK.

Answer #4

I guess you might be right, though I doubt that that would happen unless the poster had attempted to include some sort of attachment.

Answer #5

Hmm I agree. Maybe it’s also because they don’t have enough points or as informer_220 said, could be a bug.

Answer #6

He’s right, it’s a bug. Sometimes, when you ask a question in the “ask” section, it includes an empty photo. It does this without a user trying to include a photo. I’ve asked a couple of questions using the “ask” section, and it did this to me as well, so that is how I know it’s a bug, and not because users are trying to upload a photo.

Answer #7

Thanks for that Angelee. Let’s hope the bug is fixed soon.

Answer #8

Don’t think it is anything to do with the points. New posters with 25 points seem to be able to post a personal profile picture without any problem. I think Angelee’s opinion is probably good enough to confirm informer_200’s suggestion as the most likely.

Answer #9

No problem. I’m sure it will be. The admins are working very hard to add to, and improve the site. I’m sure it’s on the “to do” list. :-)

Answer #10

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