Any good sites to sell my photography?

Any good sites to sell my photography?? I tried shutterstock but my images didn't fit the recommended size. Can anyone help me please? I really want to get into this photogrpahy stuff !!

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You can try They are the number one site for home made items and art (photos).

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I would really like to know to.

I love photography!

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There are other good microstock sites like shutterstock:


You can increase the file size of your pictures in Photoshop to make them more passable at these sites. People actually do quite well out of these sites so give it a go!

You haven't got to go down the stock route though. Places like deviantArt (an awesome website for sharing photos and seeing cool stuff by other people), RedBubble and Smugmug basically let you sell prints, canvases and cards of your pics. You just upload files and they take orders, do the printing, do the shipping, take a cut and pay you the rest. Pretty cool really!

Hey, why not even make your own site then market it like crazy in your local area! Never know it could take off!

Good luck! There's loads of advice on how to sell photos both online and offline at this website btw: [link removed]

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