What is a good phone for me?

I don’t really care if it is the latest phone or not. I honestly do not care either if it has Android, or if it is a Windows phone, or for iPhones. My current phone is the Nokia Xpress music which I quite like actually, but after almost three years it is starting to be dysfunctional. I want a phone that allows for a lot of user customization, one that has a fairly good battery life and one that does not break easily. I noticed a lot of the newer phones have crap battery lives, needing to be charged everyday or after 12 hours and I noticed a lot of the newer ones begin having problems after a year or so. I want one with a camera and a phone that I can download some apps (I don’t use apps or games much) so it doesn’t matter too much. So, I need something sturdy, highly customizable with a good batterylife.

Answer #1

Well, I highly recommend any iPhone. Here’s why.

  1. You don’t have to tinker. Yes, Android affords more customization. But you have to tinker with every little thing to make things work.

  2. iPhone works better with waaayyyy more websites There was a study recently that showed, that because of the ease of use, more people use iPhones for web than Android or Windows phones. This is borne out in web useage on Funadvice and in general (see link below)

  3. iPhone is smoother Yes, some Android phones may be slightly faster, but just moving around on an iPhone is way smoother and more pleasant.

  4. More high quality apps Sure, there are tons of apps for Android, but the quality of apps on iPhone is WAAAYYYY better. Actually so much better when comparing app for app that its not even close.

  5. Better Interaction with other iphones, macs, apple tv I can take a photo, then go home and its already on my mac, I can make a video of my dog and stream it directly to my apple tv later in the day. I can use iMessage and not have to worry about text messaging charges.

  6. Galaxy S III is a piece of crap I have an iPhone 4. Pretty old, right? I envied the Galaxy and thought of getting one as a second phone until Thanksgiving weekend. I had dinner with family and a relative had one which I borrowed to use to show him a website. We never had a discussion about which is better. To my shock I never realized that it would be so difficult to just browse the web and type. We looked at dpreviews.com for some camera reviews, and the site pretty much froze on the galaxy. I pulled out my 2 and a half year iPhone 4 and the site was like butter on it. Night and day.


I care a lot about open source and free. Heck, Funadvice is built on top of open source and free technologies.

But I care a lot more about my time. That’s why years ago, I switched from Windows to Linux to Mac. Because I don’t have the luxury of fiddling with things and downloading drivers or burning roms and that stuff. I have a business to run, websites to build.

The last thing I want to do is use some technology that slows me down from communicating or doing my work.

That’s why I’m an apple guy. iPhones may be considered “boring”, but they really, really just work.

PS. See link below: “Why there are so many more android phones and Iphones, but so little of androids end up being used to surf the web”

Answer #2

If you got used to battery life that lasted you for days without charging, those days are pretty much over unless you get a phone that does not have too much in the way of accessing the web, using Apps and such. Once you move to the world of Smartphones and large touch screens, a slightly smaller battery use time is worth it for what you are capable of doing with the device.

Just get in the habit of plugging your device in your car when you drive and at home. It’s not as terrible as you think.

I would recommend an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. The reason being is that they hold their value for a long time and don’t depreciate as fast as other smartphones. For example. I have an iPhone 4 that I bought for $199 under contract two years ago. Right now that iPhone 4 on eBay is going for $200-290 used. So what Im saying is that after the initial investment I made 2 years ago, I can still sell it for more that I paid for it and use that money to buy an iPhone 5, currently $199 and end up making a profit. So from now on, all my future iPhone upgrades will be free after I sell the old model. But you have to take care of it with a case and keep it as new as possible and save the boxes and manual.

Answer #3

Get a an Iphone 3GS….. and Jailbreak it…. Customizable as all hell, no limitations to it’s use rather than accept apple’s resctrictions you can do anything with the phone now its “open” :O icons that fly around, turning off wifi, GPS, 3g and everything else with one touch, sick of ads from service providers? you can turn em off!!! and best of all you can install FLASH and watch clips anywhere on the net! :3

Answer #4

Battery life, is around 3 days with light use and all wireless connections turned off :) also you can expect every phone even the nokia 3310 to drain the battery after around 1 year…

Answer #5

Now, that $199 iPhone 5 I’m talking about is under contract for two years. Out of contract the iPhone 5 is $649 in US dollars.

Answer #6

Ack, you guys. I happen to hate the iPhones haha. And they are rather expensive for my teeny tiny budget at the moment.

Answer #7

What is your budget? Will you be going with a contract? The best androids cost the same or more as iPhones.

Answer #8

What is your budget? Will you be going with a contract? The best androids cost the same or more as iPhones.

Answer #9

Iphones or galaxies cost around the same under contract.

Answer #10

Probably under a hundred on contract. Thing is, I don’t need the greatest phone haha, I just need to be able to call and text, and to be able to download a browser and I just enjoy customizing it.

Answer #11

iPhone 4S is $99

Answer #12

iPhone 4 I’d free

Answer #13

Sometimes we forget to shop around???

Answer #14

Don’t forget about searching for refurbished iPhones. When Apple refurbish them for whatever reason, they swap a brand new back and front to the device so it’s like brand new. Also carries the same warranty. You may need to purchase them from the carrier of your choice and look under refurbished. I will send you the link at the bottom. I saw an iPhone 5 for $129 but they are sold out and they have the 4S for $49 now.

Answer #15

Refurbished iPhones at AT&T link. Just wait and keep an eye out for the iPhone 5. I got an iPhone 4 refurb and it came like brand new in the box straight from Apple.

Answer #16

Thanks you both :). I think my biggest problem is finding a plan that isn’t too expensive most, because they include data are 40 at least and that I can’t seem to do haha my current plan is 20 a month.

Answer #17

I don’t have a data package and don’t want one, and I like this Casio Ravine GZ One. It’s shock proof, water proof, dust proof………military grade phone. It has some cool features and everything I need such as text, video and pictures. It’s not “HUGE” either. It fits may hand well and sort of has a rubbery outside that doesn’t slip out of your hand, I’ve never dropped it. It’s not a very “lady like” phone, but it’s very functional. Good battery life.

Answer #18

Well there are many cell phones in different price range. What is your price range. You can go for iPhone, Samsung galaxy. You can get details for various latest cell phones from

Answer #19

No matter which phone (iphone or android) you are going to pay the same for data.

Answer #20

Thank you I am going to look into that.

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