How Do I get over my phobia of Insects?

I am extremely scared of Moth,Crane Flies,Crickets and other insects around Summer Time. I get really paranoid if I see something fly around me In the summer,or feelsomething tough me. I don’t like my phobia,and I want to get over it. Can anyone Help me?

Answer #1

u could try to face ur fears !?

Answer #2

First thing - is it truly a phobia, or is it a simple fear? A fear can be easily overcome by certain methods, but a phobia may require psychiatric help and possibly medication to overcome. …if what you feel is fear, then the first thing you need to do is understand your fear - why are you afraid? Once you can pinpoint the specific reason for your fear, you can work on that - tackle the problem at the root, so to speak.

Answer #3

I try to make my self confident, because there so small and i’m huge compared to them. I just can’t come to actully toughing one. My Mom and my Sister always grab them for me and put it out side.I have my window always closed in my room in the summer so nothing comes in, and when My mom opens a lother window in the house to I close my door to. My room gets really hot and uncomfortable. I am doing this just becuase something the size of my hand is flying around freely in my house. :(

Answer #4

i have a phobia for roaches and i read this once, ive never tried it but u can…so get a picture of one insect that scares you, you dont have to look at it instantly but look at it little by little with time until you can just look at the picture and dont feel scared, next step is trying to touch the picture, of couse nothing of this is instantly, it could take days, weeks or even step is getting a dead that dead insect..or somebody get it for you and put it inside a container..once you are not afraid of that, take it out of the container, once you are over that, ask someone to get you an alive insect inside a container until with time you or someone can get it out of the container for you you would be able to look at the living creature and dont feel scared

but remember baby steps

Answer #5

well you can read about it,they are less dangerous.if you think that they are also creatures that god has created and you dont need to be afraid.then you should face it,i mean go to some park and observe their good side,at least try doing that.know them better everyday..

Answer #6

I think if I think of it a creation of God I well be able to just let it be. Thanks everyone for your fantastic anwsers. I well try all of them. hopefully .

Answer #7

ur traping ur self so bug’s can rule the house hold and ur cooking ur self in the heat, think abought that the next time you see one of the insects you fear it should make u look at it in a diffrent was. abd if u hate something uaslly ur hate is grater then the fear u harbor

Answer #8

I do the whole” lockdown” thing at night time when I’m sleeping.I’m getting kinda use to the heat in my room,but it’s still drastic and unessasary.

Answer #9

I’m sooo afraid of roaches! Liken beyond anything. >_> i hate them and want all of them to die! lol…Erm.. getting over the phobia,first of all,what about each insect are you afraid of? Like what is it about them that makes you scared…?

Answer #10

ops typo *like no liken lmao

Answer #11

The fact that they Fly. But My favorite animal is a bird. They look gangally, and wierd with all there legs. I don’t like sudden move ment. I don’t like roaches either but I haven’t seen one in a while ,thank goodness.

Answer #12

haha. I hate roaches cause they are huge and omg i’m so OCD about germs. And they carry all kinds of stuff. shivers and they fly and they can make creepy nose. EEK! —-uhm,so the sudden movement thing and they can fly. Do you get scared easy or something? —I don’t think i’ll ever get passed my OCD thing about germs and roaches. But i mainly just avoid them. Having fears in life is natural and in human to be like. –What i would tell you is just to avoid the creepy things that you don’t like. You can’t really prevent them from coming around. :/ if i could i’ll kill all roaches! And germs :(

Answer #13

What she’s talking about is systematic desensitization, and it really is the most effective way to deal with a phobia. It’s how therapists do it. If you cant do it alone, therapy is an option.

Answer #14

I’d tell you that you need to desensitize yourself…however, I have the same feeling about bugs as you do…and I have NO intention of trying to get closer to them… ;)

Answer #15

That’s a good gradient. You also can do this. Close your eyes and visualize yourself not being afraid of that insect. Make sure it is the end results you are looking at. Hold that picture in your mind for as long as you can. Feel yourself not being afraid of it. Feel touching it. Do it everyday with one insect until you know from within you are not afraid of it. Then do the same thing with another insect. Add the new insect to your image picture with the first insect. As you become comfortable adding insects to you image picture one day you won’t be afraid.

Answer #16

well , im so afraid of almost any incest if i isee one around me i go insane , sometimes i wouldn’t sleep in a room if i see one there ,, is this considered a phobia

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