What is your personal favorite artwork?

I’m mostly looking for pictures, paintings, sketches, and things similar that you personally like. And don’t forget to explain why it is that you like it! Not a mind reader you know :)

Answer #1

Brian Froud- I love all his crazy Faeries and the art on his Faerie oracle cards are amazing : )

Answer #2

Hmm…..I would say my picture of flowers that an helper (from special ed) from my old school drew because it is very pretty and looks amazing and she is not even a artist and I just love it! I have to show you guys it =)

Answer #3

But a famous artist I would say Van Gough’s famous paining “Night” I think it’s called that =S

Answer #4

Starry Night :)

Answer #5

I love Rene Margritte’s work… but all time fav would be Salvador Dali… He was just insane :) But are’nt all great artists… Another Artist who was born in SA and still lives is Marlene Dumas - She started out by drawing fat ladies on the back of siggaret packs…. I can’t say I have a fav art work but I most certainly admire my favoruit Artists’ work

Answer #6


Answer #7

the reason is clearly visible

Answer #8

There we go! Thanks! =D

Answer #9

go check out Crows in cornfield just as good as Starry Night, Was painted during his last week of living before he shot himself. when he went through his depression state

Answer #10

Cool thanks =D

Answer #11

Wow it’s amazing =)

Answer #12

Claude Monet is one of my personal favourites. He has some scenery paintings that are absolutely gorgeous. Here are some examples:

His paintings seem to show a peaceful place to be, or somewhere you could go to just relax and forget whatever is on your mind. I find that looking at them makes me feel somewhat relaxed, which is why I like his paintings so much.

Answer #13

I’ve always been fond of good linework… to me it evokes emotion better than any other artistic device. I like Picasso’s Guernica… as your eye traces along the elongated forms you get the sense of dread and longsuffering that was left in the wake of the Spanish civil war. I like George Grosz’ Daum Marries Her Pedantic Automaton George in May 1920, John Heartfield is Very Glad of It. Grosz’ linework is simple and direct. The disembodied hands working the mind of the automaton and fondling the nude Daum seem misogynistic and sadistic… and taken with the hollow stare of the automaton… the scene is hauntingly erotic. I like a lot of Joan Miro’s line heavy paintings. He was able to bring life to simple line drawings and capture the character of the drawing by how abstract the lines were. It’s hard to pick a favorite Miro.

I suppose that my predisposition towards the line is why I appreciate good illustration. Maurice Sendak… Dr. Seuss… were both masters of the art. Toulouse-Lautrec… Jim Henson. Jim Henson was more design oriented… but his simple designs stemmed from his understanding of artistic linework. To me… Charles Schultz is without equal. His work is amazing. His comic strips were at times cloyingly sentimental… based only on his pen stroke. Another of my all time favorite illustrators… John Pound. I spent countless allowances buying up Garbage Pail Kids when I was one… kid that is… garbage too I reckon depending on who you asked. There are many more I like… too many to name.

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