What are perks?

What are perks?
I've heard the term here and there but I don't exactly understand.
My parents take them, and from what I've heard thats not good.
Can someone tell me what they are (don't leave me website URL's, just copy it in here if thats where your getting the information from).

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I've always heard "Perks" used to describe anti-depressant or "Happy" pills - because they make you "Perky" or happier. But maybe that's just a slang term in my part of the world. I guess maybe you could check the box for the 'scientific' name of the pills, and go from there?

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Percocets. That's what "perks" are. They are pain pills which contain a mix of acetaminophin and oxycodone.

Acetaminophin increases the power of the oxycodone so it compliments itself. Oxycodone is addictive and it impairs your thinking.

In order to get Percocets, you need to have a valid prescription from your doctor.

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If this is the 'perks' you are talking about - perks can be legitimate, an example: you're the Boss of a large company - 2 perks you may be authorized, 1) a company supplied car with the company paying also for the gas (because of your position in the company) 2) use of the company airplane for vacations twice a year...an illegitimate perk might be - you're supplied the use of your company car within a 150mi radius of your place of business - you're adding an illegitimate perk if you visit some relatives 400mi away without authorization...hope this is what you meant and it made sense :-)

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dependsing on the situation they can b good or bad. perks are like, for example, a perk of being a lawyer is that you get an office. a perk of being famous is that everyone knows u, whic h can be bad or good. good because you r popular, but bad cause like brittany spears, the public knows yur every move. perks are like bonuses to something that can sometimes backfire, like w/ spears

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Bad news, very addictive and destroys lives. Please be safe.

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perks are the benefits of something.
liike the perk of having a certain job is your get a pension...stuff like that.

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perks? I think its a word to describe when your nipples get stiff from having s*e*x o_o or horny thoughts

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No no, not that kind.
Some kind of pill.
Thanks though 'amblessed'

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You're welcome - I tried :-)

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Some extra amount of money given to you for your job done in a better way.

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