Is it okay to get your period the day after sex?

Hi..I have another question. I got my period this morning. The day after sex. I hear that’s not good at all. And that it means you could be pregnant.

But I was supposed to start it today…help?

Answer #1

I have no clue this is a good question the same thing happined to me as well.. an i havnt figured it out either.. good luck and if you figure everything out please let me know thanks..

love always megan

Answer #2

Okay, people, look. There’s NO WAY you can be pregnant if you get your period the day after sex. Here’s why.

What “the period” is, or rather, the bleeding, is when the uterus realizes that there will be no baby and all the thick lining it has built on its walls to shelter a baby are useless. So it sheds them - and they come out all bloody. After that’s done, your ovaries release another egg, start a new cycle, and hope you’ll get the egg fertilized. THAT’s when you can get pregnant. Your body is preparing for a baby just in case, the uterus builds that thick lining again, and waits for a sperm… If, within the given time you don’t get fertilized, the egg and the lining get old, past their “due time” and need to be thrown out again.

If you DO get a sperm in time and the egg is fertilized, the whole thing will attach to the squishy new wall of the uterus and grow there. So you see, if you fertilize the egg at the last moment (the day before period starts), the process of purging is already under way. If you bleed your uterine lining out, there will be nothing for the egg to attach to. Hell, the egg itself will be thrown out with the blood! That’s why bleeding in the first days or weeks of pregnancy is dangerous - it can mean you’re bleeding the baby out, or having a miscarriage as they call it.

That’s why, assuming you’re getting your period after sex, there’s no way you can still be pregnant. If it’s not your period but some random bleeding, that can also mean you’re no longer pregnant, but you should check with a doctor to see what’s going on, as you shouldn’t be randomly bleeding anyway.

Hope that clears things up. But do take the test if that will help you sleep at night :)

Answer #3

Hey, My girlfriend was expecting her period in a few days. We had a little bit of sex, Means she had her hymen intact which means she was still a virgin. The condom we used was a little bit laced with my sperm. Is it possible that she can get pregnant? Is verginial pregnancy possible even using a protection.

Answer #4

My girlfriend was waiting to have her period in a few days time. We had a little sex which means I din’t break her hymen as well and she is still a virgin . But the condom was a little laced with my sperm. Its been two days and she hasn’t have her period yet. Is it perfectly fine? Can she get pregnant?

Answer #5

I’d say get yourselves checked out by a doctor, neldach87 and jones55. Not being funny but maybe you need to get your pills checked out or something, as if it’s short periods each time then you could just be experiencing spotting or something!? I’m no expert, but I am sure you’d rather get this cleared up, & the only way to completely do that is to see a doctor. Hope that vaguely helps!

Answer #6

Sorry Pitaime,

That is not very accurate, you CAN get pregnant at ANY time during your cycle. It may be less likely as you are starting your period but that does not mean that it isn’t possible. I got pregnant on the first day of my period, and what’s worse is that you are supposed to wait until after your missed period to take pregnancy tests. The best thing to do is get a few pregnancy tests and just keep testing, it can take up to 3 weeks for the hormone levels to be high enough for it to detect it. Make sure to leave the test for the WHOLE 10 minutes, sometimes it can look negative early on and then show positive right at the end of the time.

Sorry not to have better news, but if you feel any different (breast tenderness or being more emotional) you really should keep testing until at least a month after the day you think might have gotten pregnant, the sooner you know the sooner you can think about what to do if you are pregnant.

Answer #7

Im same as you above.. every tiome I have sex.. the next day I start my period? even if I have been on my period like a week or so before?! Pleaseee help

Answer #8

Eerytime I have intercourse I get my period the next day is this normal?

Answer #9

Okay im scared…The night me and my husband had sex…unprotected..I didn’t have my was until later that night coming into Tuesday the 9th when my period started…on the 5th day my period stopped then later it came back even lighter…I don’t know what that means but does it necessarily means that I could possibly be pregnant?That was like 4 weeks ago.

Answer #10

This doesn’t mean that you are pregnant, but it also doesn’t mean you’re not. A lot of people don’t realize that some women still get their period when they’re pregnant, at least at first. If you want to be sure, get a test, or visit a clinic in your area and have them test you. That’s the only way to know for sure.

Answer #11

Can you get pregant 4 to 5 days after you end your period ? I have a 28 day cycle?please help everbody is telling me that I can’t get pregant but I need to know ?

please help , Kayla

Answer #12

most times when I have sex a 2-5 days later I end up getting my period even though I just had my period the week before.its been happening to me for the last 5 months, I go to the doctors and they havnt done anything about always use protection after I had my first baby(1yrs) but im trying to get pregnant again, I had sex and 3 days later my period came again and I just fininshd it 6 days ago.why do I leed like this??

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Answer #14

Well, it probably means that you’re not pregnant. The best thing to do is to get tested. There are many OTC (over the counter) pregnancy tests available that can help you to determine if you’re pregnant. However, I would wait at least a week after menses (your period) before you test. You may get a false positive. Wait until your hormone levels have settled down from your period and then buy the test. It’s really easy to use. Just pee into the test strip or cup and wait about 10 minutes. If it’s negative, then you’re not pregnant, if it’s positive, make an appointment with your GYN and get tested again to reconfirm. Also…use protection if you don’t want to get pregnant and or contract STD’s!

Answer #15

As a mother of 2 that just happened upon this forum, I want everyone to know that if you are sexually active, the possibility of pregnancy always exists. The only 100% method of birth control is abstainance (not having sex). If you are sexually active, and are concerned about getting pregnant, you need to speak with your doctor about contraception methods. Also, all sexually active women should be concerned with Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Using a condom EVERY TIME is one of the only ways to prevent most diseases.

Counting the days in your period, and guessing at what time you might be fertile is not a good method because there is so much variation of what is normal in women. Every womans cycle is different, and it can change from month to month based on hormonal fluctuations.

In Specific answer to the woman’s question about getting her period the day after sex, assuming that she was not expecting to get her period, here are a few possible causes:

  1. Your period may have been close to coming and could have been sped up slightly by the uturine contractions that occur during orgasm.

  2. This “period” may actually just be bleeding of the cervix or lining of the vagina due to intercourse being rough or, even if it was not rough, can cause irritation.

  3. It can be implantation bleeding, but note that usually implantation bleeding is discribed as being lighter and shorter than a normal period. Wait a week and take a pregnancy test to rule this out.

The most important thing is that you should not be having unprotected sex if you are concerned about getting pregnant, and even with protection, no method is fail proof. The possibility of pregnancy always exists if you are having sex.

Answer #16

its too soon because if you had unprotected sex the sperm can live up2 a week and you might release a egg when your on your period few girls get pregnant while on there period because there is a egg in the ovary so i would wait till next month to see if you miss your period

Answer #17

I am a firm believer in waiting for sex. I have been all my life. Which means, I’m A LOT paranoid about a recent experience. I had sex for the first time about a week ago. The next morning I got a light spotting from my hymen breaking, then about 2 hours later I got my period. Bad cramps, lasted 5-6 days, the whole sha-bang. A real period. Is that normal? I asked my roommate, who has sex all the time, and she said its just bleeding from being a virgin. But I could cleary tell the difference between the two. I don’t know what to think? Please give advice. Would be very much appreciated.

Answer #18

You can definately get pregnant. You can get pregnant while youre on your period just as well as you can off of it. Sperm can live so long in your body. If its just the next day that you started it, there could still be a possibility. Now if it was an extended time period, like weeks after that you started it, youre more than likely not. But you can still spot and have what seems to be a light period while pregnant.

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