Period is 4 days late

Im late like 4 days and I dont know what to do?/ Should I wait and see if it comes or go get a test what would be the best thing to do??

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Well, if your four days late for your period, I would wait for it to come.
Sometimes periods do that. If it doesn't come within the next 28 days or so, then I would strongly recomend getting a pregnancy test to be on the safe side.

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I am talking to my girlfriend and she said to answer this so here is her say:

wait a few more days and if you do take it, make sure you hide it well after you r done.

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Have you had unprotected sex?
You are still young so your hormones are still trying to work themselves out and that could be the reason. I've had mine for 3 years and it is always late.
but if there is a chance you are pregnant I would go get a test and take one just to make sure.

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obviously you have done something that leads you to think you might be pregnant
however from personal experiences periods can be weeks and weeks late with no problem at all
sometimes you even skip one for no reason really
4 days is not much to worry about
if you do end up skipping your period
and I think you have done something that could possibly have made you pregnant
you should get a test
id say wait 2 weeks maybe
and if you havent had your period get tested
best of luck!!

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if you haven't been sexually active recently you don't have anything to be scared about.

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Take the test... It will put your mind at ease...

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