How do i get my period faster?

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how do I start my period sooner without being on birhcontrol?

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I was washing my vagina and I saw white stuff in the vagina what is it

Does drinking alcohol make your period end faster?

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people say if you drink a lot of green tea or milk it can come faster

Why does my period smell so strong?
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if you like the feeling of your period you could try using pads and tampons.when I was younger I liked the fact when things were touching my vagina I used put a bit of ky jelly on top feels nicer.

How to make your period late?

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when I was younger I wanted to get my period but when I didnt have it I used tampons and pads to get that feeling

Can starving yourself stop or slow your period?
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poop in your pants! I know it sounds stupid but when poop gets in your vagina it gets softer and it makes you get your period faster!
hope it helps dont be shy it works! my daughter tried it when she was 11 cause all her friends had it but her so one day she pood in her pants cause she was sick and she got her period the next day then my other daughter who is 8 pood in her pants and next day she got her period

does having your period mean you broken your hymen?

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whats with the poop in your pants thing? Don't try to rush into getting your period cause it won't work. Just be patient and wait for it to come. I've had my period for a while now and it sucks!

What's implantation bleeding like; is it like a period?
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you cant control your period it comes and goes as it pleases.. like a unwanted house guest lol

mean if your period blood is kinda brown?

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I want to start my preiod and yet I dont want an ifection help!

Is brown discharge before and after your period normal?
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try a lot of sex

What causes light periods with brown blood?
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wow, thats a horrible advice, if it gets into your vagina you might infect your UT with ecoli. Dont take that advice, anyone should know better ...

Does watching porn affect your period?
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you can get it from taking hot baths and..well.. master bating but I've never done the master bating thats nasty.

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I am planning to have my periods are irregular...I have seen my doc and she say its frm 2mnthz I did nt get my periods..and twice we did unprotected sex..and have done home pregnency test 3 time its negetive..can I b pregnent??or wht shld I go to have periods..

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I don't know but I'd like to know! I won't mine to come on too. Mine is irregular and I skip a month! but this time I skipped two and it still hasn't came! I'm worried. Message me and give advice people?

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Maybe if you hang around someone who is having their's sooner than you. Maybe it may happen. I don't know why but it happened to me when I hung around other friends. It may just be my own mythe. Some kind of osmosis thing? Just kidding. It is not possible to make it come sooner

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umm I like that poop in your pants

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ewww thanks a lot shakespirefan, after I tried your advice I had to get reconstructive vaginal surgery because a flesh eating bacteria colonized in my vagina!

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wow really though it sounds gross I might try it dont critisise

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take like a couple of birthcontrol pills (make sure its the active ones) it will come on... but do it like the week before you want it to come

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you can't get your period faster. if you want it to end faster I can't blame you but I will end soon I promise. and if you want it to come faster don't!!! there is nothing good about periods unless your trying to get pregnant (not recommended for minors) they make you bloated, painful stomach pains, and you are the moodiest person ever. sorry this doesn't help

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Actually you can really mess around with your period with birth control pills (because you're switching up the hormones in your body). Lybrel is a new pill coming out that is to be taken 365 days a year with no placebo week (when you get your period on the pill because of the absence of hormones) Most women have breakthrough bleeding though. I take birth control pills and usually skip the placebo week and thus skip my period. It's a wonderful thing and it's perfectly healthy. When I do choose to have my period it usually only lasts 2 to 3 days with minimal cramping. See your health care provider or visit a planned parenthood clinic to discuss your options and what would work best for you.

You can get in synch with other women and also with the moon's phases but we have so much man made light in our lives that it's very hard for your body to synch with the moon. (it used to be seen as witchcraft and very negative)
Women who live together experience a synchronization of menstrual cycles as a result of being exposed to chemicals contained in their sweat. A study found that if the sweat of one woman was placed under the nose of another woman on a regular bases their periods would synchronize within three months, even if the women did not physically meet or come near each other.

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