Do you think people wash/bathe too much?

Are we too consumed with getting rid of our natural smells, to some degree? Do you bathe every day, or every other day? What’s the longest you’ve gone without having a shower? And will I get any honest answers to that last question? lol. I used to bathe every day and wash my hair every day. Then I noticed my skin getting more irritated, my hair getting very dry and my water bills sky-rocketing… Now I shower every other day. When I was young, I remember my dad having “sink” washes because we didn’t have a shower. He always smelled amazingly clean and lovely like dads do. I just wonder if Proctor and Gamble are really behind all this.

What about clothing? Some things obviously have to be washed after one wearing (Socks and underwear, maybe t-shirts…) but what about all the other stuff?

Answer #1

no i need to shower everyday, i shower 2-3 times a day! but the longest ive gone was 1 and a half days but it was because i was driving to NJ. Honestly if i wear shorts one day and i didnt really do anything while wearing them to make them dirty i wont wash them if im planning to wear them the next day.

Answer #2

I shower everyday. Sometimes 3 times. It’s because I’m obsessed with ridding germs. And I get bored.

Answer #3

I take a shower every day. And the longest I’ve gone without showering is probably like.. two days.. haha. I just feel gross if I don’t have one everyday. So my answer to your first question is no because I’d rather “get rid of my natural smell” than feel gross! As for clothes, I probably wash my pants after wearing them like 3 times. I don’t know, it really depends what I did in them and where I went haha.

Answer #4

Well I think people should wash their hair less ‘cause really it’s not good for you to be washing it everyday unless you’ve been doing a load of work and are filthy dirty. :P I take a shower everyday, but I only wash my hair every other day. I wash jeans after using them about 2/3 times. :P Depending on how clean I think they are, but certainly after 3 times. lol The longest without a shower would probably be 2 days. o.o but my hair that is a different matter. o_o I don’t know. maybe 3/4 days when we were on this boat. :O hm but it got soaking wet everyday. lol I donno. what qualifies? :P

Answer #5

I think that some do. Because it gets rid of the natural oils that keep your skin healthy and moist :O

I try to just shower every other day (unless the day in between I got dirty). No need in overdoing it (: The longest I’ve gone without taking a shower…10 days. I did NOT enjoy it at all :P It was when I got my toncils/adnoids taken out and the doctor didn’t want me to D: Haha, I answered honestly :P

I wear my shirts maybe two days, jeans.. haha 4 days, underwear ONE DAY O_o, and socks twice xD I’m rather lazy about washing my clothes :P

Answer #6

10 days without a shower must have been painful. O_O What is your feet are sweaty!? :O :PPP

Answer #7

It was… I felt so icky O.o And all I could do was lay there like a bump on a log :O

My feet don’t really sweat…and I don’t usually keep my shoes on when I go places xD

Answer #8

Yes. I think people bathe too much. In the sense that they are over concerned with cleanliness and the avoidance of “germs”. I don’t use hand sanitizer because it dries out my skin lol. It depends on your immune system, and if you never get exposed to the more common pathogens your immune system will get “lazy” and susceptible to the more nasty and rare “germs”.

Answer #9

lol the longest ive gone without a shower was about a month. Homelessness sucks balls!

Answer #10

:O Man that would suck! :O

Answer #11

i shower every other day but my hair is WAY too thin and fine i cant go 3 days with out my hair looking desgusting even one the 2nd day it doesnt look as good as the 1rst day but yes i think people do take showers too oftenm i think ppeoople shoould only take a shower every 2-4 days depending on their hair the longest ive gotten with out taking a showerr is 3 mybe 4 monthes im not joking when i ws in the 7th grade i didnt care AT ALL on how i looked ( ive changed ALLOT since then) and i never kept track of when i took a shower and i never cared lol its so gross!

Answer #12

:OO!!! Me is so shocked! I would have died. Three months. o_o Just make sure to brush your teeth everyday. :P

Answer #13

lol i do! i have to cuz of my braces nd lucky ive became norml since then! lol

Answer #14

Yeah. :O ;PP lol Plus with all that sugar you say you like to consume, it’s really important to brush. :O :P :DDD

Answer #15

wow thats crazy you take a shower 2-3 times a DAY! o.O wow lol why!??

Answer #16

do you realize that the oils in your hair re REALLY good for your hair it keeps it moustried and soft and less frizzy you only need to take a shower every other day to going 3 sometimes even 4 day with out taking a shower lol just depends on your hair the thiner the hair the more often i take a shower every other day and it looks almost the same from the day before

Answer #17

lso if you are staying home all day long you dont need to take a shower

Answer #18

She’s a surfer man. :P Salt water and sand are annoying. xD

Answer #19

I shower every day… I feel gross if I don’t. Plus I work with food, so I kinda have to. Longest I have ever gone without a shower would probably be missing A day. I get gross and paranoid that I smell horrible and everyone can smell it (I’d be fine though- nobody could tell I missed a shower though) My hair… I’d say every 2-3 days. The natural oils, I hear a lot about, so I don’t bother washing it out. My hair is color treated, THAT’S IT. I don’t blow dry, straighten or curl. Jeans? Maybe after the 3rd time I wear it… unless it is like obviously dirty. NOt longer than that.

Answer #20

You sound like me!! :PP Except luckily nobody is stupid enough to try and make me do much of anything in a kitchen. >.> That’d be awful. lol xD

Answer #21

oh lol XD i was about to say O.o

Answer #22

Yeah. xDD ;PPPP haha

Answer #23

I usually shower once/day. I might skip a day if I’m sick or if I oversleep. If I work out in the PM I might shower a 2nd time that day. Being a vegetarian I have little body odor so I’m sure I could get away with less showering but I enjoy hot showers in the morning. I change shirt, underwear and socks daily but I wear the same jeans as long as a week unless I spill something on them.

Answer #24

Personally, I think yes, some people do too much. I think a shower a day or even every other day is enough some shower more than once a day. Unless you’re rolling in mud, or doing some sort of activity that causes you to sweat a lot, then more than one shower a day is a bit of a waste of resources. I myself shower once a day, and my hair every other day. I used to wash my hair every day, but I’ve been trying to keep it healthier. As for clothes, pants usually I wear 2-4 times before washing, it also depends if I’ve been sweating though.

Answer #25

I shower every other day, or longer if I didn’t put any product in my hair or work out.

Our hair and body makes natural oils that gets striped away when we bathe too much, what I do is a shower every other day, and only use shampoo when I need to, my hair has never been as strong, healthy, shiney and soft as it is now. If you brush your hair 50 times at night and in the morning it moves the oils from the scalp to the ends so it nourishes the whole strand and you don’t need to strip the oils out with shampoos

Answer #26

ya:) i have to be very careful

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