Why do people have to ram their opinions and what they have experience in their lives when answering questions?

Why not just answer the damn questions without implying the person who post the question is in the wrong and that they need to live in ‘reality” or ‘need a reality check’ “or they are stupid” “or to stop complaining and whinging”. I have stumbled of a few answers reading people’s questions. Everyone should be allowed to post questions without be humiliated, they wonder why people do not register or come back on FA. Even at school students are taught no question is ever a silly question, so ask away.

Answer #1

Because they believe their opinion is the only correct one. They want to shove their opinion down someones throat until that person feels the same way. In simple words, people are selfish and cannot except that other people have their own opinions and they need to learn to be open minded.

Answer #2

i guess we just get frustrated , and even if we don’t know the person we want the best for them or don’t want them to mess up their life for one bad decision, its a way of saying “hey Ive been in your shoes, you DONT have to do it” we learn with experience and without experiences most questions wouldn’t have answers.

Answer #3

Agreed Brittany. I feel for those who want to ask questions but then get kicked in the face for asking the question because someone thinks their own opinion and what happens in their lives and what they have seen gives them the right to think a person’s who post a question needs to ‘wake up and smell the roses”.

Answer #4

Most people who have “been in someone’s shoes” are still only teenagers or in their mid 20s :P If someone who was older (40 plus) and gave advice about reality check, then yes, I would be incline to listen to them rather then from someone who is living at home, hidding their sexuality, too religious, hididng sex from the folks. :)

Answer #5

Yeahh (: i try to be as nice as i can, but if it deals with teens trying to get pregnant my horn goes off :P you know im nice Sammie :P

Answer #6

Haha, angel the post wasn’t directed at you hun. It was something I have seen and keep my mouth shut but thought today was ‘f-ck it, going to bring it out there’. Yes, you are my princess lovebug, even if you throw your shoes at me and your smell under pants I will still LUB yaaaaaaa

Answer #7

I agree with you, allthough I find that sometimes it is important to give your opinion and/or experiences i.e. if someone is trying to do something stupid.

But generally it also annoys me, when someone asks a simple question an instead of answering the question they get a million opinions about their question.

Answer #8

Spot on Ifeelcrazy. :) All questions whether they are silly by nature or serious should be free from atta-cks. Just makes coming online more fun.

Answer #9

I believe this should apply to the answers as well. Sometimes I understand but in most cases people chastise others for their opinion. That is not right, it makes a person not want to answer any questions as well as ask them.

Answer #10

Actually, that is a very good point Rachael. Instead of answering the questions, they dissect the comments they read and rip into the person. Haha, religion, politics and pregnant answers are the worse, gets people’s undies in a knock. :P

Answer #11

Yeah no kidding!! That is the way it is everywhere!! When I’m with some friends we stay as far away from talking about religion and politics because it’ll just end up in a pointless discussion. I like my friends for who they are and not what they believe… so whats the point in bringing it up?

Answer #12

I agree.

Answer #13

I heard that in school, too…that no question was a stupid question….I was sorry I ever believed it. It’s been proved to me 100’s of times (by my own questions) that there must be lots of stupid questions. :)

Some personalities just can’t answer a simple question…..I see it a whole lot more on in the internet than in real life, tho….people taking their own cr.ap out on others.


Answer #14

I was actually told in school, by the best teacher I ever had, that there is such a thing as a stupid question. If you say there isn’t you’re lying to yourself. I swear I will journey out into funadvice and find 50 “stupid” questions if you’d like =P

Answer #15

:) Ah yes these may appear to be silly questions but the person who is asking them might not think so. For example, if someone post a question saying their nail on their left pinkie is turning black. Most of us (including myself) would read the question, laugh and say ‘wait for the nail to grow out’. But for the person who ask the question, it it could be a ‘major’ issue, sad but possible. :) I know it’s only a simple sample to use. I always thought a fool is someone who sits in class and have questions but is too shy to ask them in case people laugh at them and then miss out on learning. :P

Answer #16

Yeah, I must be lying to myself as I certainly find no questions are ever silly on here, maybe some who do ask questions to get a response from members and their questios serve that purpose. Oh well, each to their own opinions, there isn’t a right or wrong responses. A note to you Cassie, just because you disagree with me, doesn’t mean I’m living in a bubble doll. :P

Answer #17

poeple can only answer the question they understand, and you understand a question more if you have the experince, so they just have to answer it that way.

Answer #18

because pple are given opportunity to ask question doesnt mean they sud misuse it. some questions are dumb thats why they are critized.

Answer #19

thats what opinion and question sites are for

Answer #20

So far, the only stupid question is the question that isn’t asked, I mean, sure questions might seem stupid because you already know the answer to it but that would mean that the person asking it knows what you know and that isn’t true. At least that’s what I thought when I thought questions are stupid.

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