Who gives the best advice on Funadvice?

Who do you think gives the best advice, is most helpful, seems the nicest, is the most responsible, and is the best person to talk to on this site? I’m just wondering, and there can be different people! :)

Answer #1

Ouch yeah. My feelings are actually kind of hurt but that’s ok. I’ll get over it :) I think at last check, I had the most advice on the site…but of course that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Answer #2

Sue, Sika and prkswllflwr always have excellent advice!! my favs.

but like sue said- Everyones advice is very important to the site!!


Ps- Angelfire too has really good advice

Answer #3

Who do you think gives the best advice

The majority of people in my friends list.

is most helpful

see above

seems the nicest

Lexi, and Sika

is the most responsible

I’ll give that one to ‘thedude’ …he’s got quite a few responsibilities on this site.

and is the best person to talk to on this site?

^ very top ^

Answer #4

Uh… too many!

Captainassassin is fantastic because he’s straight up and tells it like it is, but Sikashimmer’s all non-judgemental and relaxed, Sue90 always has the experienced knowledge, Heathershaw05 always has a kind word and is never negative, editor and thedude are good at putting things into words everyone can understand, Danbob always makes time for anyone who asks, Sarahhh has a way of telling it like it is, Belindaleigh is just an absolute honey, misscobainx3 because she often understands where you’re coming from… man, I could go on…

One person I have noticed doing a fantastic job lately is stephanief987- she’s been helping me out a bit in a few areas where I wasn’t as understanding as she was, and I just thought that was fantastic.

Answer #5

Lexi and Sue

Answer #6

The reason why this site is so good is because there is such different opinions. It would get very tiresome if everyone gave the same answers in the same way. As we hear from the answers above everyone has a different style and a different way of making their point. So for that reason I think everyone who answers questions are valuable to this site. So for that reason I choose everyone who has ever answered a question. Sue

Answer #7

At the top of my list are:

  1. Sue- very good at her job being the featured advisor
  2. Sikashimmer- she knows so much and she is very open and non-judgemental
  3. Thedude- always gives very educated and well thought out responses
  4. Captainassasin- very honest and funny
  5. Lex_icon- she is so creative, smart, and provides wonderful answers
  6. Danbob- he gives awesome answers and is very nice
Answer #8

I believe that people ask for advice cause they are expecting you to lie to them to make them feel good are tell them the bullshit they wonna hear then when you keep it real with them they yend to get mad some people jus wont somebody to listen to them they dont wont advice

Answer #9

What about me?

Answer #10

rere 666 you can alk to me about averything

Answer #11


Answer #12

Heathershaw’s list is great, (and so is she) but I would DEFINITELY add my favorite - filletofspam.

Answer #13

Me ovis :) Im really gd and you don’t have 2 b embrassed because I don’t no u ! B ma mate plzzz Hope this helps!?? xx

Answer #14

sika is awesome :]

Answer #15

stephanief987 she always has sensable good advice thats realistic and thoughtful

Answer #16

heathershaw’s list is good and I also think she gives good advice. =] filletofspam is pretty helpful too!

Answer #17

I want to be nominated! lol I don’t know though everybody is great and everybody answers differently so I don’t know!!!

Answer #18

dam, nobody said piker, I must be a loser. Sue you kick as*, rock on

Answer #19


all the way, hands down. <3 her.

xox Sika

Answer #20

Me. ROFL, I don’t know, probably Danbob =)

Answer #21

I think it depends on the question, I think certain people have good advice for certain questions.:)

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