why are people so obsessed with vampires now?

its so annoying hearing ppl talk about twilight and all those other vampire things… not even what real vampires are based of

Answer #1

Because of stupid twilight

Answer #2

Yes thank you!. I love Vampires. BUT Twlight is not vampire at all. There needs to be a new REAL vampire movie.

Answer #3

or just wait till vamps die down… and ppl r also getting obsessed with zombies >.<

Answer #4

maybe its not just the whole twilight thing…maybe just maybe they are just fascinated with vampires!

Answer #5

Lol, yes. Zombies. I don’t know about other places. But here in Vancouver we have a “Zombie Walk” every Summer. sooo cool

Answer #6

to be honest, i never knew anyone who even thought about vampires until twilight.

Answer #7

doesnt mean they arent out there…those that are fascinated with the underworld saga…not just vampires, but all demons as well!

Answer #8

Define “real” vampire. In all technicality vampires don’t exist so there is no “real” vampire to base it off of. Sure, there are people who made it famous first, but I don’t really see the point in cutting down the twilight vampires because they aren’t real vampires and they glitter and crap. Whatever, people have creative freedom. You don’t like it, ignore it, it’s not all that hard.

Answer #9

Yeah because of Twilight but honestly I don’t understand how people make a big deal about Twilight vampires supposedly not being “real vampires”. Am I the only one who would think it would get dull over time to show the same thing about vampires over and over. How bout something new even if it is kinda ridiculous

Answer #10


Answer #11

Well origanally, in old myths and tales, they were undead immortals, that came out during very dark nights. and would keep themselves powerful by taking the life, the blood, or turning a human. They certainly never stayed a teen if turned, they would grow to about middle aged if not older, then stay. and they never sparkled, and they were able to turn into mist, a bat, a wolf, or some kind of reptile. and i found all this on a vampire website…kinda hard being that only twilight came up -_-

Answer #12

people are just out of ideas with imagineation, and the newer ages these days hardly ever get the chance to express there ideas into movies, shows, or even books :/

Answer #13

I know it drives me insane. This girl I used to know I was looking at her facebook and saw she was covered in bite mark bruises, I asked why and she in turn said her boyfriend was a “real vampire”. She’s slightly slow but I honestly find it terrible she lets him bite her to that hard of an extent just cause she thinks he’s actually a vampire.

Answer #14

Still, I think people should be allowed creative freedom on things. Look how it worked out, some people love it, some hate. It made an impact in any case, and it’s going to be remembered for some time. Society goes through obsessions like this, it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Answer #15

Sounds kind of hot.

Answer #16

everyone has their own beliefs…what can I say :P personally I just enjoy a good vampire movie…that is as far as it goes for me…and btw I still havent seen twilight eclipse! :)

Answer #17

Literally this was the conversation

“Shawna why are there bite marks all over your arm?”

“because that guy that is right next me he is the one who bit me, if you see him smiling then you would see vampire teeth! he is a vampire and for really, he gave me like 5 to 6 holes on my right arm, near my hand! and it hurt as hell, i was about to bleed!”

Answer #18

Doing it because you think someone is a vampire though… the guy sounds kind of weird if he’s telling and convincing her of this.

Answer #19

Twlightt :P for the record, it was really good before the movies and fame ruined it. I read it in 2006.

Answer #20

Yeah thats what i’m saying, she one of those people who just wants to be loved so she’ll put up with anything to feel like someone cares. Like she has BAD bite bruises on her. It’s genuinely sad.

Answer #21

I read it in like 2005 or something, whenever the first book actually came out, it sucked just as much then as it does now.

Answer #22

Because I filed restraining orders against them all so it’s hard for them to continue being obsessed with me.

Answer #23

Well perceptions and opinions aren’t exactly something you can go by to argue with others with – just doesn’t work. You like it, you don’t, it’s a binary reality.

I mean, there’s no sense trying to defend something that isn’t real in the first place. It’s not what you’re used to, we understand that but the crowd changes and the media has to change to please the crowd. Remember that old saying? “Money talks” this is what they meant.

Answer #24

You know i never understood the whole twilight obsession altho i do like the books. But The Lost Boys are way better…just saying. Theyre real vampires and not sparkling forest fairy freaks

Answer #25

Well that’s exactly what Stephanie Meyer did with Twilight. She basically expressed her own ideas and it happened to be different than the original vampires you’re used to. Big whoop!

Answer #26

I know vampires used to b chill till ga A* twilight came out i mean what happened to all the killin and destroying stuff and suckn blood. Now when the hell has a vampire love sombody what kinda crap is that. We got girls at my school getting in fights over some fake a vampire that will never b as gangsta as dracula. And Edwardo what kinda name is that fo a vampire next will have Britney spears and the chubacabra fallin in love. Good one society vampires in love I hope ur happy u turned vampires in to wimps and sissys.

Answer #27

I’ve always liked vampire and zombie movies.. I used to be afraid of vamipires.. my dad always told me they would come and take me if I didn’t fall asleep soon enough lol.. I always imagined vampires like the ones in 30 Days Of Night..they fascinated me. I still watch Twilight though, mainly because of Taylor Lautner.. :D

Answer #28

lol nice answer XD

Answer #29

it just bothers me that 2/3 of the earth’s population think vampires are real, love them, and even say they ARE vampires -_- its like a folk tale gone horribly wrong.

Answer #30

if you’ve ever seen i am legend, those creatures were actually vampires, it made sense when i thought about it, but thats how i see vampires.

Answer #31

Because girls are attracted to sparkly things…..

Answer #32

Not so much vampires as sparkly faeries…

Answer #33

can you in fact prove that it is a tale & not real? it’s like saying god isnt real…yet how many people believe in god? Just because you havnt come in contact with one doesnt mean it doesnt exist just as saying you have never seen god so how can you say god doesnt exist?! That is the problem with humans…we try to believe in only what is based on facts…not written facts but actual facts that you can see…or feel…so like air, we cant see it but can feel it so therefor we believe it exists…but suppose you did have a close encounter with a vampire…would you then believe that they existed…especially when in reality they look just like humans on the outside? As with the theory of Aliens…we are taught not to believe in them that it is merely a myth…yet area 51 if a Fort Knox with people dying every time anything about it is mentioned in the news ways to cover the issue & story are so air tight as government secrets…so…is everything we cant prove a lie? A myth? If so we live in a world full of lies….What do we believe in if everything we are taught is a lie…a theory or a myth?! Stop being so narrow minded…open your heart & your soul & mostly your eyes to see reality as it is not through pink sheltered glasses…..everything on earth can be proved if people actually took the time to look for the real facts & not believe everything they have read….including the news or the newspapers! Ask yourself your question…and search for the answer…yes go out of your way if you really care enough to find out…go see places…talk to people…research the issue….dont just say ah, i cant see it so i dont believe it exists…when I see it I will believe it…for that is the biggest lie of all!

No offense anyone, just keeping it real & giving my 2 cents!♥

Answer #34

why do you cover up one of your eyes with your hair ?

Answer #35

Thanks, bro.

Answer #36

Honestly, just because many people follow/believe in something doesn’t mean it’s – not – totally ridiculous, which is what i think it is, totally ridiculous. I do need cold hard facts to believe in something, and if that something doesn’t like my preferences, be it god or vampyres, then they should testify themselves and not have a middle man do all the work. Am I denying the possilbity of them being real? Heck no, no sense in that but I’m just choosing not to believe in something because it doesn’t match my bar of needed evidence and proof.

Answer #37

No she killed vampires with her book and expressed stupidity

Answer #38

Like i said, we are all entitled to believe in what ever it may be…but i wont deny that there are other life forms on this earth other then humans…call me too spiritual…or simple insane…that is fine… makes me different & that is a good thing cuz if I was like everyone else I would be really b o r i n g (which i am not!) :P

Answer #39

I’m not denying them either. Just saying I don’t believe in them. Come on tempty wempty read my answer! D:

Answer #40

Because i felt like it, is that a problem?

Answer #41

and if your trying to prove a stupid point with my question about vampires, then save it. i don’t need to be lectured -_-

Answer #42

aye hermanito…basta con eso nombre…no me llama Tempy Wempy…:P Its Temptress miss Temptress for you! ☺

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