Why do people lie and call into work "sick?"

For once I’d like to see someone just be honest and call in “LAZY!”

Answer #1

I would totally never get away with that - I have a lazy person’s job, lol

Answer #2

because they think the only reasonable reason to have a day off would if they call in sick and also because bein sick is an excuse that is avoidable and not there fault !

Answer #3

True, well I can get my butt out of bed at 5 in the morning, go to work till 7 or later, and I have no trouble doing it, but some people have a problem working 4 hours a week. She made $190 in 4 hours and I am lucky if I can get her to come in.

Answer #4

It is not just one person.

Answer #5

Just because a person calls in sick doesnt mean they are lazy. I’ve worked for employers where calling in sick was the only way i could get the day off, so i would have to lie for personal reasons. My father is a cancer patient and some days are better than others. When he would have a really bad day, i would call in sick to care for him. Alot of employers dont care if your adult father is ill, but i do. Yes, most people who call in are just trying to get a free day off, but there are people out there who do it because they have no other choice and personal problems have came up.

Answer #6

Maybe because they need to be with their family, and can’t get away from work so they call in “sick”. Or if they cannot make it for whatever reason.

Answer #7

This is what I am talking about, I have no problem giving the time off, and if your father was in the hospital I would not have any trouble giving the time. We are working with this one lady she has cancer, and we let her come and go as she pleases, but she tells use so we can build the schedule around her and we have the staff to meet our customers needs.

Answer #8

Also they make there schedule not us, and then we book according to what they want. I can understand things coming up, but every week, we are going to replace them if they keep it up.

Answer #9

Well sometimes working everyday deserves a break, even if you have to lie, for those days when work is going to make us explote.

Answer #10

It always aggravated me when coworkers abused sick leave. At my state job we got 8 hours of sick leave every month. I knew lots of people who would call in sick one day every month for something minor. In my 5 years I worked there I used exactly 12 hours of sick leave. I took one day off when I threw out my back and I left mid-day another time when I was too sick to get any work done. When I left that job I had over 2 months of sick leave accumulated. My choices were to leave it alone in case I ever worked for the state of Texas again (fat chance!) or to donate it to the sick leave pool for people who run out of sick leave due to major illness so I did the later.

Things were worse at my next job. Here the official sick leave policy was if you are sick stay home, when you are well come to work, we trust you to know the difference; we had unlimited sick leave. The idea was that we were all good and motivated enough not to abuse it which was true for 99% of our employees. There was one guy who seemed to be out all the time though. Luckily for us he found a job elsewhere with a raise and nicer sounding title but I doubt they would put up with him being out all the time.

I think the best approach is to get rid of holidays, sick leave, personal time, vacation, etc. and just have days out. Everyone gets the number of days to use as they want and need to. Being at my company over 10 years I have 20 days of paid vacation/year, 11 holidays (this year anyway some years 9 or 10 though) , one or two days a year for “personal” leave, and whatever sick leave I use. How about just giving me 40 days a year to use however I wish? I feel like I am being penalized for staying healthy and being conscientious. This way there is no need for anyone to lie or to cheat the system.

Answer #11

well one time my mom called into work and said my daughter broke her leg she was walking down the hallway and there was a fight and she broke her leg (but no i wasnt in a fight) and my mom works with the mentally challenged and the people she works with are pretty scary, but her last patient died the week her surgery ended :/ but yea thats what she said to get out of work so i couldnt go inside the office until six weeks because of my leg and everyone of her workers always asks about me lol but i still cant come in until another 2 weeks :)

Answer #12

The only reason we have sick days is the unions put it in, so people abused it. If it is taken away and not be paid for the absent day, maybe people would think differently about being sick. Maybe we would see a decrease in people being sick, as well.

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