Why do some people on here make jokes on serious questions?

It’s not funny to the person who is asking the question that wants an actual answer, especially when it’s a serious question.

Answer #1

Because 99.9% of the time the person you’re joking on is a troll.

Answer #2

A lot of the time, we can tell if the person is serious or looking for attention.

Answer #3

what about the other .1%?

Answer #4

But it shouldn’t matter, that’s not why we’re on here.

Answer #5

Then it’s a misconception.

Answer #6

What’s the point of answering a question seriously if you know the person isn’t serious ?

Answer #7

. In my opinion, if a question prompts an amusing thought in your mind, it is probably worth sharing - even if some people think it is making a joke of a serious question. . I don’t think such a joke is very likely to deter other people from giving a serious answer to a serious question, . ….. so the issue is essentially whether it is best to only get serious answers to serious questions, or to get those useful answers together with some additional stuff that you and others may have a laugh about. . On the other hand, I must admit that my understanding is FunAdvice does not approve of giving joke relplies rather than proper answers to queries on the “Questions” Board, ….. . ….. as evident from the guidance given to: “ Give ACTUAL answers “ in the grey “ WRITING GREAT ANSWERS “ panel alongside the Answer box near the bottom of the page. . Regardless of that, I still like to see funny answers as well as the proper helpful answers that an OP is looking for. .

– Best wishes - Majikthise. .

Answer #8

But they don’t answer the question, they just say what they think is funny, nothing else.

Answer #9

Where are you seeing this ? Some people really don’t answer questions on here & it’s annoying. I answer questions & I joke around.

Answer #10

Either they’re trolling, they’re completely clueless about the subject of their question, or the person with the sarcastic answer just wants people to give them points.

Answer #11

She’s right, Anna. Plus+ She’s always right 99.8% of the time. ツ btw - I try not to question her. .

Answer #12

personal entertainment

Answer #13

Anna, I understand your point, but unfortunately there will always be smart arses that will answer the question in the wrong way and their friends on here will start clicking “like” to their answer and you end up thinking, “hold on, my question wasn’t about that”. In time you will end up not caring and just post questions and ignore the useless point answers to your questions.

Answer #14

I am pretty sure you are aware of this but there are the two areas were the question may land. The updates area and the Questions area. If the question was not asked properly then it lands in the Updates area and no matter the seriousness of the question, it is a free for all area. Is like landing in a circus and mostly anything goes as long as people follow the site terms of use.

If the person needs to ask a serious question and needs help then they would have to ask it by clicking on “Ask”. By doing that they are more than likely to avoid the circus and get targeted advice as many people here that have been members for awhile are not going to be joking around in the “Questions” section. That is left for the “Updates” section.

No matter how much you find it upsetting or distracting, the “Updates” section was made for that. Is a junk section. So people would have a place to be anything from clowns to therapist.

Answer #15

Because most of these people aren’t mature enough to get that there is no need to joke about completly serious things

Answer #16

Perhaps they have touched on the principle that to laugh with the seriousness of life is to shrug off its emotional burden with ironic and fully accepting cheer? Sounds healthy to me… gotta be better than the radical response of terrorism… The times make me happy thus I’m happy because I’m insane, insane because I’m happy… I hope you understand and that this isn’t a waste of button-pushing lol :D

Answer #17

maybe because this sites name is “ fun advice “

Answer #18

because some ppl r just so cold and think its funny that ppl need help…those are the ppl u nvr wanna be like.

Answer #19

because their asses

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