Why do people look down on me just because I'm a girl and smoke weed?

Answer #1

Cuz they r immature and don’t know any better

Answer #2

i guess because weed is illegal.. have they legalized it yet? lol

Answer #3

No but it’s damn good. :)

Answer #4

because you smoke and it’s bad for your health . but you probaly smoke to get stress off right? but if thats not the case they just think your trying to fit in if your smoking just to be cool

Answer #5

No I smoke just to get high.

Answer #6

Because lot’s of guy’s think its unattractive for girls to smoke, me i dont really care if somebody wants to smoke dope or cigs let em do it!

Answer #7

Well I smoke with my boyfriend. It’s not like I go and smoke with a bunch of guys just me and him.

Answer #8

coz most guys think taht only they have the rigth to smoke and have illegal substances yet coz we are women we dont have the balls or guts and dont deserve the privellege, also coz its illegal guys dont peronify girls with breaking the law and doing things they shouldnt its all to do woth the cat you prolly hav emore balls then all thos prx who said u shouldnt smoke :)

Answer #9

Anyone who kisses a smoker might as well lick an ashtray. :-P Just kidding. No I’m a non-smoker and I’d never kiss anyone who smokes anything. No matter if it’s weed or tobacco. But I think that’s not your problem.

If they look down on you and they don’t look down on guys who smoke weed, then they’re sexist machos. Show them your middle finger.

Answer #10

because it’s discusting and terrible for your health.

Answer #11

It has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with your decision to smoke.

Answer #12

Because they do not approve of your life decisions and they believe their values are superior to yours therefore they are superior to you.

Why do you care that those people think about you?

When small minded self-righteous people don’t approve of me I wear it like a badge.

Answer #13

i think its just your descion and no one elses u make the choice ok dont let people bully you around.-court:)

Answer #14

How do you know that it is for these reasons? It could be your lack of intellect, sense of humour or general bad hygiene. My point is it is often difficult to identify why people dislike you or look down upon you and the reasons you have identified may not be correct.

Personally, I like girls and don’t necessarily mind if you smoke weed as long as you add value in one way. Perhaps you are just taking up space with little to add. Good luck on improving yourself.

Answer #15

Ha, I’m a girl and I smoke weed. Lol. I know where you’re coming from. People do that because they’re ignorant. Those people who look down on us have never tried it and wanna be judgemental, and think they’re all that ‘n a bag of potato chips.

Answer #16

I’ve tried it….. Never care to do it again. And I still think it’s a bad decision, now based on experience. So I am not judging out of ignorance.

Answer #17

I’ve tried it….. Never care to do it again. And I still think it’s a bad decision, now based on experience. So I am not judging out of ignorance.

Answer #18

well, thats sad ^

Answer #19

Because smoking is sick, and wrong… i don’t know y ppl do it. i suggest u get some help, it will save your life… the guy i LOVE smoked marijuana… but he stopped, and is healthier, and hotter than ever!

Answer #20

they dont think they r ll that… it’s just gross. i dont judge people… but i HIGHLY think smoking anything is gross, and i’d NEVER date a guy who does.

Answer #21

ok let me restate myself. I try not to judge, however difficult everyone does to some degree. I have the experience of it. I didn’t like it. I thought it was disgusting and stupid. It’s my opinion

Answer #22

i agree ^ i dont like judging people, but the guy i LOVE smoked marijuana… but he stopped, and is healthier, and hotter than ever!

Answer #23

Maybe because they actually care about their health and second hand smoke and the fact they don’t want to be a part of it. maybe its not you, its the smoke, because they actually want to live healthy lives… Btw, smoking does not make you mature. Its a lifestyle that many, including me, choose not to live by. If you smoke, go right head. But don’t talk smack about the people who don’t. Oh, and maybe the reason they make a big deal over it is that they care about you, and think you shouldn’t because they want to be able to see you in the next few years.

Answer #24

I get that. A good majority of the people who do smoke don’t have very good hygiene, and they tend to be not to be the pick of the litter. I see what you two are syaing, I used to be strongly against it myself- until I tried it. It’s better than reality for me. ‘Cause my life sucks. But don’t get me wrong, I’m no addict. It’s only a recreation on occasion, and I can function just fine without it. Smoking does sound gross, but it’s only because you automatically think cigarette- now that IS gross. ‘Cause bad breath, wrinkles, and smelly people are not attractive ones- on top of that they’re addicted so they can’t quit just like that. I’m not addicted to weed, I’m not even sure it’s possible to be. I brush my teeth twice a day, wash my face twice a day, and keep my health up.. a lot of people can’t believe I smoke weed because they can’t tell.

Answer #25

I look down on people that smoke weed FULL STOP

Answer #26

I kno wt u mean. not from personal expirence but guys r like eww girls should not smoke wen they do all the time. im not sayn tht ther wrong but it should be more equal. just cuz were grls shouldnt hv an effect on wt we should or should not choose to do.

Answer #27

they look down on you because of your choice to smoke weed. It’s a very poor decision. They may not want to be around someone who smokes because your a bad influence, but it’s not their choice what you do or don’t do. They probably think you shouldn’t do it because they know you can achieve more in life, smoking weed gets you nowhere in life, if you do it to much then there’s a chance where you feel your at the top and like you can do whatever you want.. but unfortunately later on it’ll get worse. Your life will start to fall apart people will start to hate you, you’ll drop out of school, lose a job and all you’ll really have is the crew you smoke weed with. You could probably do better. i know someone that this has happened to before. Try to quit.. chew gum or get into sports, do something active so that you won’t end up smoking again. Try to replace it with a new healthy addiction. :)

Answer #28

Its pretty sad i think smoking weed is distgusting and gross and i will never smoke agian ever i know from exsprience what it does to your health and breth and body yuck…

Answer #29

lol. its just because they never smoked so they would never know. people think they are so smart about pot when they dont know anything. just the crap the government wants you to think. if you actually look into the research its not that bad for you. I will admit, it will make you lazy and unmotivated if you do it too much so use in moderation. but there are way worse things you could be doing, trust me. Eating mcdonalds every day is worse for u than puffin a j once in a while. just dont let it take over your life. Go ahead let those ignorant pricks judge you, and let them talk crap about things they dont understand. you have your own reasons for your decisions and no one can fully understand them.

Answer #30

i dont know it sounds like these people dont know how to have a good time anyways

Answer #31

Were you smoking the weed in kitchen? Because if you were, I don’t see the problem.

Answer #32

im assuming its beacuse of the weed and much less about the fact that you are female…. smoking is your own decision. i dont reccomend it myself. but as i said its your life. i would say most peopl look down on it because they see you as heading towards a life of not doing anything useful and being a stoner…if you disagree with this statement and dont care what they think. then f**k ‘em.do as you please……but if you value the opinion of those who are now looking down on you though, i would tell you to reconsider your actions.

Answer #33

pretty much.

Answer #34

I understand what you mean… boys smoking weed are seen to be as the cool ones, only because they are the “bad boys”. Girls however are supposed to be lady like and prim and proper. Personally i dont have a problem with you smoking the bud… but as i said my personal opinion. Of course no smoking is good for you, but everything we do nowday have heath repercussions :/

Answer #35

its not being a girl its the smoking part that gets peoples attention… bt i know how u feel. a few years ago a random stranger approached me dumped my cig off my hand n said “its not lady-like to smoke” people just need to mind their own business. as long as it doesnt affect them y should they care?!

Answer #36

I smoke occasionally and some people actually think it’s cool I don’t do it for that I reason though I enjoy feeling high, let my pressures go every now and then. Maybe it’s the way you are around them? Most likely it’s their mentality of it being so bad my closest friends hate the idea of weed but I still do it and they do grown upon it but I let them know that I’m doing fine, I’m on track with everything. Maybe you should just let them know that it doesn’t hurt you and it’s part of what you do.

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