Favorite people for advice?

who on this site are your favorite people for advice that aren’t actually advisors?

Answer #1

Hi Tabz, We are the people with the little gold medals next to our postings like mine.

We police the site to ensure people do not break the terms of use and assist to keep it civil and functioning correctly.

We have a direct voice to the Gods of the site, IE The Administrators Editor and The Dude and we are also human (yes, its true!) and enjoy posting personal advice, asking questions as well as smacking the occassional wrist when a member steps out of line.

We are volunteers and are all rather cute and cuddly really. It is mainly the persistant offendors on this site that persist in breaking the rules who perhaps dont like us so much.

We are all ages from 14 to 90 (In Thedudes case lol) and come from all walks of life and between us we have a huge mix of experiences and skills.


Answer #2

amblessed, odal, and prkswllflw.

Answer #3

My 3 favorites that aren’t advisors are:

  • georgee
  • djwager
  • Odal

(no specific order)

Answer #4

I dont have any favorites, but I love giving advice, so you could always ask me!! :)

Answer #5

Ahhh, Angel, you have a friend for life! (And I dont mean Odal)


Answer #6

I like escortgino, amblessed & kisua. Not sure about the spelling on the last one.

Answer #7

holy crap. I like just started this thingy like yesterday and had no idea there were advisors… wth are they? … oh and I don’t know who I like =[ yet


Answer #8

lol! ;)

Answer #9

Texas Kimmie is one of us, lol.

Answer #10

Awww, You have ruined my image now mrscobainx3…lol

I think Odal is just great! I think we should start an ‘I think Odal is great!’ fanclub on here.

Bigmuma was also great but I notice that as of this morning, she has a nice new shiny gold badge next to her name.

Mind you, shame about the name but I also think that badassinjun also gives some good advice. If he changed his name to something a little less ‘iffy’ he could go far…:)

Not forgetting The Dude and Editor who are Administrators, therefore, allowed the vote within the terms of the actual question.


Answer #11

That one should be Kiasu*

hes an advisor,though


Answer #12

Probably Odal (and kiasu, I know he’s an advisor but…)

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