Why do people dislike Lady Gaga?

If it isn’t your type of music, that’s fine but what I have been noticing is a lot of cruel remarks that are more personal calling her horrible, ugly, disgusting (those are the appropriate words I have heard) and I personally love her as a person. She writes music about acceptance and her whole persona is meant to challenge people to think outside the box and embrace what is different. She takes a stance against bullying and sang the song “hair” in honor of the boy who killed himself because he was bullied so badly. I think she is a beautiful person and while I understand if people don’t like her music, why do they not like her as a person? Is it just because she is different?

Answer #1

Hon, I’m 59 and although I wouldn’t be running out the door to buy her music. (not much music today can get me to do that..lol) I like Lady Ga Ga and what she stands for. As you posted, she does things that are outside the box…but her purpose behind it…I have to give her credit for. It’s too bad their weren’t more entertainers like her sending the right messages instead of selling shock value.

Answer #2

Or sending the right message WITH shock value :)

Answer #3

I don’t know why everyone else does, but I don’t like her because, her music just isn’t all the good to me :PP I’m not ever going to say I hate her though like some people -_-

Answer #4

Her type of what you would call shock value has a deeper message….Others do shock/hate messages for material and fame purposes only. One entertainer that comes to mind is Madonna who wrote her bio in “Material Girl”. As far as I’m concerned. In the entertainment world their has to be something “different” that sets you apart and noticed (Law of Business) but it’s the message your sending across that matters. I like her messages and she’s creative in how she gets them across.

Answer #5

I meant Lady Gaga’s creativity in getting her message across….not Madonna

Answer #6

I didn’t know their were people( well a large amount) out there that “REALLY” hated her..or her music. My mom likes her music but she also things she’s a nutcase. :] I like Lady Gaga and her music(Well not all of it)

Answer #7

There is not an artist in the world of entertainment, who does not have their fare share of haters. & Lady G’ only has a few. .

Answer #8

I didn’t realize it either. My family, friends and I all love her, but when I would watch her interviews or performances on youtube I looked at the comments and I was shocked at all the hate they had for her! I know people just tend to be haters online but it was an obscene amount of people!

Answer #9

I don’t dislike her. I love her music, but I think she’s uber weird. She tries too hard to be different in my opinion.

Answer #10

I dont ‘GA GA OO LALA’ :D

Answer #11

Well, youtube does have a lot of trolls -_-

Answer #12

I personally don’t like her. I don’t like her music at all. I love people who are different, unique, outside the box, but she tries way too hard. It’s almost like she racks her brain for ideas that will cause the most uproar from the people.

Answer #13

Yeah, but I guess my question is, why is that a bad thing?

Answer #14

I didn’t necessarily say it was a bad thing, just something I personally dislike. It’s like people who try too hard to get as much attention as they can get, or a “attention who.re”. Personally, I don’t like it.

Answer #15

Popular musicians often have a schtick or gimick. Avril Lavigne wanted to be a country star but she and her manager came up with her scater girl persona which worked out well for her. Garth Brooks wanted to front a KISS style rock band but ended up marketing himself as a country star. In show biz you usually see a product rather than a person. With musicians like Lady Gaga you either like her schtick or you don’t. I’m not much for pop music but I’ll admit that her tunes are catchy, she’s easy enough on the eyes, her videos and concert performances are entertaining and she sings acceptably well. My daughter loves her though.

Answer #16

Lady Gaga tries too hard to shock. When she first “got” famous, the wacky, freaky outfits were amazing but she tried too hard to push the boundaries and has now become boring and predictable. I like her music and her voice is lovely to listen too but find her appearance very repulsive. I have have no issues listening to her tunes on the radio but cannot bear watching to watch her on her music MTV videos, she is just eweeee to look at. (Sorry if my answer annoyed you, just do not fancy Lady Gaga).

Answer #17

she’s not a bad person i totally agree with you, but she has an amazing powerful voice and she’s using it in songs that aren’t that suitable for how far her voice can go! and the only thing she does differently is her outfit and style really, it’s creepy, a bit scary, sometimes it makes her look ugly, but it’s cool cuz she stands out and a lot of artists are copying her, though it doesn’t mean she has to keep dressing up this way and being someone she’s not her whole life!! it’s for her own sake she’ll get tired!! hell “I” would!!

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