Why do people decide to get home-schooled?

What are the pros and cons? If given the chance, would YOU like to be homeschooled?

Answer #1

people who are home schooled tend to be socially challenged as they don’t have the chance to interact with more than a couple of people. they may aswell be in solitary confinement.

Answer #2

It all depends. Some people might get homeschooled because they get bullied in a public school, or dont have friends and stuff of that kind. Some might be because they take longer to learn, or simply have their own way, and their school system is not working. So they go to homeschooling to get a better understanding of things. I personally would not like to homeschooled because of the lack of social skills I would get, I alredy am to quite, imagine if I was always stuck at home with nowone to talk to or be friends with. But there are good things, some people like it because they might learn faster and meaby finish school faster and learn things their way.

Answer #3

PROS: You’re in the comfort of your own home. Less rules. A bit more freedom. One on one help.

CONS: No friends to socialize with like in a public school. No school activities like sports, cheer leading, band, chorus, etc… No gymnasium for P.E. No pep rally’s. No prom, or school dances.

I would love to be home schooled, or better yet online school. I am actually going to go to my teacher, and ask if there is anyway I can work from home, or online for my GED…as I am having trouble going to school everyday. I can work much better on my own time, and at my own pace.

Answer #4

I have to disagreee. Just because they are homeschooled doesn’t mean they don’t have friends. I was refering to those who switch from normal school to homeschooling

Answer #5

I agree :)

Answer #6

Adding to the cons. Homeschooling can cause some social akwardness, I had several friends who were homeschooled and struggled with socialising. I believe that is the biggest con, but it does depend on the person. If it wasn’t for me needing human contact because I’m so introverted I would have chosen homeschooling as a teen.

Answer #7

I agree with this to a point. I have a ton of homeschooled teens and youngsters I know. They have lessons together, do outside activities such as art, language, gym and other thing, plays, music,, sports. They also have the choice to participate in sports through public schools. dances could be arranged within the homeschool community. but that’s the part I see being down.

:) I went to public, private and homeschool during my high school years. My choice would have been to stay in public. But for my children, I wish it could be homeschool.

Answer #8

Oh, and a couple more pros: Possibly better lunches, and no getting picked on or bullied.

Answer #9

I agree with that, but I believe that the trials and tribulations that you go through in school helps a lot towards your social development. You just don’t get the typical teenage issues being homeschool (in my opinion they are necessary for development i.e. fighting with friends, liking guys etc etc.) because the social contact that you do get are sometimes too positive. But like I said it depends on the person. I wouldn’t have had any confidence in my social abilities had I done it, but for other people it might help.

Answer #10

The kids at my church have tns of friends.. they are involved in church, sports, extracurricular activity. Guess it really depends on the perso.. or the family and what they involve their children in.

Answer #11

I was homeschooled for three years. My mom agreed for me to be homeschooled mostly because I just wasn’t getting the education or learning like I should in regular school at the time. And I was very overwhelmed with so many things that included people and homeschooling let me take a break on that and let me focus on what I needed to focus on if that makes any sense. I’ve been back in public school for a year now and I’m happy. The biggest con to homeschooling is that you don’t get to socialize. I was developing a big case of cabin fever the last year of homeschooling so I’m happy with where I am now and I’ve made friends. In some ways I now prefer public school and actually like going there and that’s something I’d never thought I’d hear myself say.

Answer #12

Well, for us, my mom decided that homeschooling was what God wanted for us to do. But for not our specific situation: Pros are: you can work at your own pace; you can work one on one w your teacher as much as you need; you can stay in your own home; youre very flexible w your schedule; you can decide what cirriculum you want to do; Cons are: you dont have as much of a social life; you might get reserved, aloof; you arent always able to participate in after-school activities and stuff like that I really really enjoy being homeschooled and idk if I would really like going to public school. So yeah…I think there are more pros than cons, but maybe Im biased lol ;P

Answer #13

Most people dont decide to get home-schooled, most parents decide that they aren’t happy with the public education in their area and they can’t afford private schools or whatever and so they decide to homeschool their children. Or there’s some other reason that a school isnt the best option (if the person has some sort of mental or physical disability) or has like an illness that would keep them out of school for a while. The ones who do decide probably have a variety of reasons. I would be cautious in allowing a child to be home-schooled. Deciding to allow a child to be home-schooled because of a lack of social skills, a lack of friends, or a social phobia is likely to do more harm than good in the long run. Few people are truly happy being completely isolated (for the ones that are, and can function in a job that allows no personal interactions whatsoever, that is their choice), and sheltering a child from a world they need to interact with at some point is just poor parenting. I think the biggest pro as far as I’m concerned is simply a lack of wasted time. Discipline, moving from class to class, settling down, getting everyone to the same page, making sure everyone understands, it takes forever. You could probably cut down school to 4 hours (maybe less) if you’re on your own. You then have tons of time to do other stuff. Cons are obviously a lack of certain social skills that can only be learned when in class with others. Yes you can belong to clubs, and participate in activities, and have friends. But you’re not learning things like how to work with someone else on actual work, you’re not learning to speak in front of other people, you’re not learning complicated social rules that comes from being part of a large community of people who interact on a regular basis. There are things you miss out from being in a school environment. Unless you’re in a work environment which teaches similar skills.

Answer #14

i don’t know. i beg to differ. the teens i’ve watched grow up in there homeschooled life, now are teens playing ball, great people and getting married. I really think it depends on that parent that’s homeschooling, the way they live and everything else. Because I see such strong kids come out of it. plus, they are very involved in the church so youth is around them constantly.

Answer #15

And I’ve seen both sides, the good and the bad. Some people I know get totally anti-social even THOUGH their school work and academics improved. If the school system is bad, I’m all for it. I just don’t agree with doing it because a child is being bullied or struggles in school with certain social skills, because that isn’t a solution to the problem.

Answer #16

Thanks for your imput :) Although I hate waking up earily, I love my school too much to leave it xD

We all know each other (I auctally know the name of everyone in our school)

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