Why do so many people care about when a celeb gets plastic surgery?

like Megan Fox? I was at walmart the other day waiting in line and i see this mag about Megan Fox and her new boob job and nose job and whatever. For one thing,i think she is just gorgeous! And it showed before and after pictures. She used to be flat as a board and she got a boob job and whoever posted this in the mag was saying she looks ugly or something now. I think that’s dumb! I mean jeez,if i was as flat as she used to be,i’d get a boob job. I think she is just gorgeous,why do people have to put her and other celeb’s down about the new look they have? I think it’s just stupid!

Answer #1

People spice up their boring, mundane lies by caring about what people with more exciting lives do. You yourself are affected by it because you’re angry at the people who are mad about it. You care just as much as they do.

Answer #2

I agree, but there is nothing we can do…that is today’s society!!! People are always going to be nosy & most people are so bored in their life & so miserable in their lives that they have to point fingers, put the blame on or criticize even celebs to make themselves feel better about how they aren’t perfect either! It’s sad but it is a way for them to feel better about their own lives!

Personally, I feel like, before you criticize anyone take a good look in the d@mn mirror & if you see perfection god bless you…enjoy it & embrace it for you have a natural gift if being perfect…but If you see even 1 flaw, 1 thing wrong, then you are far from being perfect…so shut the F*ck up & allow people the freedom & right they have to change what they feel is not perfect in their eyes & have a happy peaceful life!

I don’t understand why people cant just live & let live…love they neighbor & accept others as they want to be accepted by others in return! Has that really become too much to ask for in the world?!

Answer #3

It’s not that i’m angry,it just bugs me that people care so much about looks. And to target one of my fav actresses. I guess it also bugs me as myself,because people gossip and get all over me when i change one tiny thing about my look. It just bothers me that people have to be so rude about changes in someones look. And given the fact i’m bored and have nothing better to do is another reason i posted this question lol

Answer #4

Exactly. It just bothers me people are so mean. I’m proud to be imperfect and to be loved my a perfect God. It just gets to me when people target others and can’t just leave them alone

Answer #5

I hear ya girl…I too am proud that I was not born 100% perfect…it gives me a chance in life to a perfectionist & strive to change what isnt perfect in me…

Answer #6

I so know what you mean, you dye your hair everyone is like what did you do to your hair….ugh, makes you feel so bad instead of saying something positive like wow, I love the new do…cant people just go back to to the saying “If you dont have something nice to say about someone then just dont say anything!?”

Is that so much to ask for! Learn to appreciate change…it’s good for you to change things around & make things more interesting…take a chance…get out of your comfort zone…but stop criticizing!

Answer #7

Yep. It’s like the first time i got my lip pierced,one of my now,ex friends looked at me and told me i looked like a cow and that i was ugly. All for just having my lip done! I got my hair bleached blonde (dark blonde is my natural hair color) and the same person told me i looked soooo ugly! It’s just rude. People just need to stop being so mean. People shouldn’t care about what’s on a different person’s body

Answer #8

Exactly. I like given the chance to change and repent for stuff i do wrong. It gives me that feeling of being recleaned or something lol ^_^

Answer #9

I agree, who made her the fashion critic or gives her the right to speak to you that way. Its not just rude & insulting, it’s disrespectful….I think she is so jealous of you that she cant stand it because she wants to look like you but cant!

Answer #10

it feels good to be able to accomplish something & be proud of yourself for doing so! :)

Answer #11

Hmm.. maybe that’s why everyone is all on celebs for changing their look haha. Idk,i don’t talk to Angie (the girl who said all those mean things) anymore. I love myself and i look i look amazing with my piercings and blonde hair ^_^ …it still is just sad,people would rather waste their time talking down people who they possiblely want to be or look like,other then just changing themselves. I mean honestly,if you (not you i mean anyone) wanted to look like someone else,they should just change to be someone they want to look like instead of hating them. But then again,it would be weird to try and be exactly like someone else.. Idk,people need to just come up with their own looks and love themselves and stop hating on others</3

Answer #12

Agreed…If I wanted to look like Angelina Jolie then I would first have to see if it would look right on me those beautiful luscious lips dont fit every face…You(not you as in you but in general…lol) have to research & see if the look will be right for you & if it doesnt then no harm no foul…try something else or as you stated try to be more creative, create your own look…no one put a g*n to your head & said you have got to look 100% like anyone else…just learn to love yourself & others will love you & if they dont tough for them…because you still love you & that’s good enough in my book!

Answer #13

I don’t care that’s their decision they wanted the spot light on them so they’ve got it to deal with. Sad that it has to be their every moment of their personal life but hey once your in the bus and you’re big then their going to be on you.

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