Why do people try to break the trial software limitations to make the software run forever and full version?

Answer #1

You answered your own question? Yes, to obtain the full version of the software at the price of its trial; free.

Answer #2

I wonder who’s capable of doing such a evil deed ;)

Answer #3

I can, and often do, break those limitations. I occasionally buy computer magazines with cover disks that purport to supply “full” versions of the software thereon. Often that is the only reason that I buy the magazine, and then find, having installed the software, that it frequently disables itself if you do not pay a “subscription” after a three month *trial” period (or whatever) that was never disclosed when the magazine was offered for sale. In my opinion that is a clear case of supplying goods under false pretenses, and so I have no qualms about attempting to (and usually succeeding in) circumventing any restrictions in functionality of what was supplied as a “full version” of the software.

Answer #4

The purpose of pirating the software is to simply obtain a full version of the program without purchase. That is the sole reason of piracy. Of course, piracy is a federal crime (still being challenged in court) and anyone who engages in the act is a pirate.

I would suggest NOT stating you pirate or distribute warez because most government authorities trace IPs and search history based on keywords. Such as warez, bomb, how to build bombs, etc. so keep it low profile unless you want to be part of the 10K users charged by the software companies for piracy.

Answer #5

Because they believe in the “Freedom” of the internet and software. Paying for software when they could get it free.. why would they do that? Use the money on something else and get stuff for free. Pirates do still exist :D They are just Pirates of Software now.

Answer #6

oooh im so afraid of the FBI tracing my IP…. /sarcasm

well sometimes you only need to use the software once, and thanks to trial periods some abilities of the application are turned off or unavailable until you get the Premier version or something, others just want to test the program before buying because some is seriously crap while some software is grossly over priced (there is software sold for 5000 dollars) and older generations are made unavailable instead of the company being nice and releasing a free older build (say the new build is V4.5 they could release v2 for free) anyway there are also people who pirate because they simply cannot afford the software, where the monthly wage for a houshold is a measly 300 dollars or less not counting “taxes” so really there are many reasons….. take your pick

Answer #7

LOL no People who are taken to court usually are trapped with a planted file that is actively seeded by the “anti piracy outfit” and seeders (people who download then help distribute the file) get located using IP IF its within their state authority to do so and only if the ISP gives them the right to the name of the users IP address….

also how to build bombs is not traced by anything on the internet, hell i could give you a link to a tube bomb tutorial and it would be on a wikia :D

Answer #8

^ lawyer in da house :3

Answer #9

No one likes to pay for anything anymore. If there is something I like, I am willing to pay the people who made it to show my support.

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