Why do some people not "like" answers when people respond to their questions?

Answer #1

Maybe they didn’t get an answer they found fully satisfying?

Answer #2

I don’t like it when people make assumptions about me because of a question I asked. I also don’t like it when people answer them just for the sake of answering with no real answer but a guess - you don’t have to answer every question.

Answer #3

sometimes the truth hurts & people simply cant handle it. another reason may be because they expected a different answer.

Answer #4

That’s right u don’t have to answer every question, I try and only answer questions that don’t allready have the right info or something missing from wat someone else has said

Answer #5

Good answer, I never thought of it that way

Answer #6

True, but the ones I have seen have perfectly good answers and no likes to any responses, but good point :-)

Answer #7

glad to have helped :)

Answer #8

I only dont like it when they give a answer that dosent answer my question i hate when ppl give retarted answer’s that dont even make any kinda sense, when they do that i let them know.

Answer #9

I hate it when people are mean about stuff. If you don’t agree with me just DON’T ANSWER!

Answer #10

I’ve let them know before and they’ve been rude so I don’t bother anymore.

Answer #11

I agree with that

Answer #12

Katie, do you think it’s mean of someone not to agree with you?

Answer #13

Yep I have come across that as well

Answer #14

I understand if somone does’nt agree with me on everything but you don’t have to say bad stuff about me if you don’t. :)

Answer #15

That’s right

Answer #16

I’m happy ur back on site, u have always given good advice from wat I have seen :-) thx for bn here

Answer #17

Awe, sweetie, thanks for those kind words. Didnt think anyone missed me.

I am always around, you can funmail me anytime I will always answer back. ♥

Answer #18

Ur very welcome and I’m sure some others on here feel the same. I will keep in mind bout the funmail, and thx again

Answer #19

A lot of people don’t know exactly how to use Fun Advice. Users that just quickly sign up to ask something, get their answers and leave. Then ask another question a few weeks later. They don’t stick around to see how it all works.

Answer #20

Good answer

Answer #21

awe, thanks…your so sweet. I doubt others miss me…:P Got a little busy in my real life, but in the evening I am still popping up here & there. I just dont answer things that have no interest to me. (no offense to anyone)

Answer #22

Yeah life does get busy and time just zips on by, and I’m the same usually, don’t answer thing that don’t really interst me

Answer #23

I hear that :P

Answer #24

I dont care ill get rude rite back with them! lol

Answer #25

Just because it was not what they where looking for, or because the answer is rude, or is assuming things. Some people just don’t know the whole fact of the “like” button. Or sometimes they like them all and they let someone else decide what’s the best answer.

Answer #26

Absolutely! I’m more likely to say GOOD stuff about you if you have the smarts, the courage, and the caring to respectfully express your disagreements with me or with others.

Answer #27

That’s right, u don’t have to give a mean remark to get a point across, thr r certain ways to say things u know wat I mean

Answer #28

Good point, haloyeah. If I feel like I don’t know enough to evaluate which is the best answer, I might want to rely on others to help identify it for me.

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