Do you agree that there shouldn't be so much pressure on celebrities to be so thin?

and agree that maybe if their wasn’t so much pressure on the celebrities being thin and them succeeding becoming so thin for the expectations that they have to live up to, and that if that weren’t their that the women of the general public would stress less about being the perfect size and stop trying to succeed these unrealistic weight goals?

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read the whole description plz b4 replying.

Answer #2

I agree 100 percent.

Answer #3

I AGREE with you BIG TIME!! but you know it’s not only celebrities that stress women and girls on being thin and good looking!! Just look at the toys that kids play with!! Thin as hell and bootylicious Barbie dolls for girls and big ole buff super heroes/action figures for boys!! Since a young age, we’ve been exposed by how to appear to society!


Answer #4

I agree ! The images on tv , magazines , whatever , are definetly what many women look up to . If they didn’t think they had to do that , everyone would be happy and not worry about their weight as much . There would be less bullying in my opinion .

Answer #5

Yes defanetly that is one of the factors that so many people have eating disorders.

Answer #6

I agree! Entirely with the entire statement. But unfortunately, we live in a society where looks are celebrated, and women are seen as pieces of meat. It is completely unrealistic everything you see in celebrities, and most of it isn’t even real! Most celebrities, without all their layers of makeup and touch-ups look just like regular people. Still beautiful, but regular people. I’m a victum of such pressure. A few years back, severe anorexia, and now still recovering (which isn’t going all that well at the moment), it was because people kept calling me fat (and now I know I really wasn’t! I was regular weight, 120 lbs, 5”6) and wanting to look like a celebrity. Many MANYfemales AND males are entirely insecure about themselves, because of all this pressure and unrealistic goals. People need to remember what real, natural beauty is, and remember that beauty is only skin deep.

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thank you=)

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thank you=)

Answer #10

i agree completely with both of you, honestly it so true. i believe their is a huge differnce in being a healthy weight for you own self (height vs wieght) and wanting to be too thin.

Answer #11

i agree with the toys and barbie dolls and such, why can’t they just be baby dolls that look like babies like when i was a little girl. now we have all these toys that give the illusion that that is normal which is quite rediculas if you ask me, especially when children are to young naive and imperceptible to it

Answer #12

and even if they aren’t looking up to it, they percieve it as if i look like them then i will feel better and people will look at me the same as they do. i agree their would be less bullying if their wasn’t personae of the way be should be, should look like and should act like. what happened to being unique and being our own individuals and when did it become a main concern of what brand your wearing or how much you spend on it ( alittle off topic just same general idea as the weight)

Answer #13

It’s all business and money for these creators and producers!! It’s up to people like us to remind girls to love themselves just the way they are! ;)

Answer #14

indeed, it plays a very big part of why their are people who have eating disorders, including stars themselves, its not realistic to have that much pressure about your weight, and not expect some women or girl not fall into because the obsession the world has on it. you turn on the tv, all you see is weight loss pills, diets, excersise machines, open a magazine read about how “blank” losing 30 lbs in one week ( exaggeration of course) bill boards, the internet its everywhere it almost unavoidable,

Answer #15

if anything i wish i could gain a few lbs i want to weigh enough to give blood again and help save a life=) i just wish everyone could see the way i see things, and understand that each and everyone of us come in differnt sizes and shapes and their is nothing wrong with being proud of your body and self image. and hey maybe your not the healthy size for yourself, even then their are healthy ways to achieve your average weight for height and body frame

Answer #16

I understand things better now, after that :) I’m still struggling to put on weight and freak out time to time, but I’m learning. It’s why I advocate natural beauty so much! I hardly wear make-up except for special occasions, (it’s the reason why I was so pissed the other night Gracia) and I tell every girl who is nice and healthy they are beautiful! It makes me sad when my thin, nicely shaped little sister complains she is fat! It saddens me wit hhow many girls think so!

Answer #17

awww sweetie!! I know love… I read the whole make-up issue and I typed out my thoughts towards it… mmmm I wonder if you read it?

Answer #18

I agree. Interesting that the media is a factor in only one type of psychological disorders - Eating Disorders!

Answer #19

I think the modelling industry has a lot to answer for.

Designer clothes are actually only made to look good on coat hangers so of course the models have to be 5 ft 11 and thin as a rake, so the clothes still LOOK like they’re on hangers. Thats my theory.

I used to think it was because the model industry is run by gay men mostly, and they try to choose women who have a more boyish slender figure.

But the end result is the same. We are brainwashed into thinking that a voluptuous woman is too fat. Sad world. We do what the media tells us to do.

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