does the penis have to go all the way in in order to reach an orgasm?

Answer #1

i meant the g spot.

Answer #2

no, it doesn’t, most girls get more please from the clitoris, the g-spot is harder to reach.

Answer #3

The “g-spot” is not normally stimulated much by the penis when having sex in the common “missionary position”.

However it can be stimulated quite effectively by the motion of the penis if the couple lie on their sides, with the man lying behind the woman.

This position also allows the man to “reach around” to stimulate the clitoris, or for the woman to do it herself.

Answer #4

no reaching an orgasm is depended on how much pleasure it is given to you does not have to reach the G-spot to make an orgasm:))

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Answer #6

I was wondering the same thing!

Answer #7

Most of the time a woman will not orgasm unless she is fully emotionally comfortable. Women are very emotional beings and during sex women like to know they are being comforted and that the person they are with is enjoying the sex just as much as they do. Most couples start off with foreplay as a way to get comfortable enough to begin sexual intercourse. Once you are comfortable with yourself and the person you are with, things will get much more exciting.

Answer #8

Not at all as it’s the clitoris that provides most womens’ orgasms. The penis does not have to be in there at all. Not that many women will climax from penetration alone. Foreplay is King when it comes to sex though that’s not to say that penetrative sex is not enjoyable as it is. It’s a mixed bag really, compromise, communicate, keep it fresh and jumble it up. It all adds together wonderfully when both are combined properly.

Answer #9

it can be stimulated by fingering it or poking and rubbing it with a penis but also it can help by stimulating the clitorus at the same time its like a two birds and one stone kind of thing im not a girl but i believe that, that could make you have a awesome climax you can just rub both of them or have someone lick you and finger you at the same time

Answer #10

Only if you want a vaginal orgasm. There’s clitoral..which is with your clit, obviously, and vaginal orgasms. Vaginal is harder to achieve for most women…I’ve found that rubbing the g spot (just inside and straight the “come here” motion w/ your fingers) will do that better than anything.

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