Peircings at home by yourself

I want to peirce my eyebrow or my tounge or maybe my nose, though I already have a ‘regular’ kind on my ears but I want something more badass, my parents say that when I move out I can do what ever but they don’t say anything about peircings…only tattoos. I really want to do this myself too, get some experiance doing this, I’m not scared of the pain but how would I do this?

Answer #1

Don’t pierce anything yourself. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. And I really regret it.

Answer #2

You need to get smart and use your damn brain. You DON’T pierce ANYTHING yourself. Only a true moron would even THINK about doing ANY piercing by their self. Piercings are meant to be done PROFESSIONALLY… no matter what. If you pierce it yourself, chances are you’ll end up with infections, it won’t heal up correctly, and you probably won’t even pierce it right to begin with. Don’t listen to ANYONE giving you tips on how to do this yourself. Seriously, they’re full of sh*t. They’re NOT professionals and they DON’T know what they’re doing. Neither do you for that matter. If they would claim to be a professional piercer, ignore them because they’re lying. If they were truly a professional, they’d be saying “DON’T EVER do ANY piercing yourself. ALWAYS get your piercings done by a PROFESSIONAL like myself”.

Listen to my advice, I know what I’m talking about. You WILL regret doing it yourself and you’ll be wishing like hell you would have gotten it done professional. It’ll be well worth the price and you won’t be sorry, I promise. By getting it done professionally, you will KNOW it’s done right and you will have a VERY LOW risk of infection if you care for it properly that is. So seriously, DON’T DO IT YOURSELF. Get it done by a PROFESSIONAL.

Oh and one more thing… don’t just get a piercing because it “looks bada*s”… get it because you actually want it…

Answer #3

It is not way better to go to a professional. TRUST me, I got just my eARS done froma pro, and they stayed infected for 3 weeks even though I cleaned them regularly every day! So I ended up doing the following by meself: Nose, Tongue, 3 cartligae and 4 more on my lobes. and guess what? none of them stayed infected for more than 4 days.

But im very carefull and I cleand them everyday [as I did with the pro] with alcohol and I moutwashed with listorine after every meal for my tongue. I just studied the Anatomy of everything I wanted to peirce very diligently until I understood the risks and knew where to peirce and where not too. You must be carefull, if you f*ck up the tongue and hit those veins in there you CAN bleed to death, soo I suggest peirving Bottom to Top.

Just study efverything you want to do by yourself.

and if you want more detail funmail me.

from experience id say do it yourself. The “pros” are reallly just people who got a lisence…they know just as much as you do. My 16 year old stoner friend got her lisence in peircing…yeah I wouldnt let her peirce my sh*t. haha.

Answer #4

you guys, at home piercings are not bad at all, as long as you arent stupid about it, the at home thing isnt stupid it all depends on the person doing it, a professional can be just as stupid or ignorant as you. trust me I have 16 peircings and 14 I did by myself at home and they all turned out PERFECTLY fine. but I researched everything before I did so thats the difference.


its the person not the place. title or no title.

Answer #5

I really wouldn’t recommend doing it yourself.

The risk of injury, large amounts of pain, and infection are much higher.

looks at profile

You’re 17, just wait a year, seriously, it’s not worth it. :/

Answer #6

well do a lot of research. go to youtube and there should b videos of people getting pierced on there. just b very careful. if done wrong can result in nerve damage,even really bad bleeding. but it is way better to go too a professional.

Answer #7

dont be a complete idiot and do it yourself im sure you have a brain in you somweere one that obviously HAS NOT learned that an eyeborw ring is a surface peircing its nnot permanent and it WILL grow out leaving a permanant scar if you hit the nerve in your eyebrow it will droop over your eye, and thats permanent too and as for your tounge, your tounge is a muscle there are nerves there that if hit, will paralize your tounge…for life theres a lot more to peircing than stabbing a needle or soemthing stupid in your flesh if you cant be bothered to save up and get a wound profesionally done, you shouldnt be getting any done AT ALL, because a peircing is a wound grow up a bit and learn more about peircings, the benifits of getting them profesionally done, and how idiotic it is to do them yourself

Answer #8

its easy use a mirror and find the right place that looks good for you. then if you dont got any real equipment to do it use a safety pin and shove it through first. if you heat the pin up first it wont hurt so bad after you use the pin then you can put in the ring

Answer #9

trust me get it done professionally so many things can go wrong if you do it yourself even if the placement was off it could cause horrible scarring thats what the pamplet I read about piercing problem shooting said

Answer #10

well, I wouldnt do my eyebrow or tounge. you could hit a nerve or something. but I did my nose by myself. an it didnt hurt at all. just try puttin the needle straight through an not at an angle :]

Answer #11

The truth- don’t do it. people can give you a step by step as much as they want but professionals train for 3 years or more to master the technique. Researching anatomy will help slightly but the technique is still not there. You can go ahead and do it and regret it forever or go to work for a few hours and get some money. It isn’t even that much.

Once you’ve come to your senses and are deciding which piercing to get I would not recommend a eyebrow piercing. not many people know that it is actually a surface piercing and WILL NOT last forever. It will eventually push the jewellery out and reject. It may takes months or years but it will and it will leave a nasty scar for everyone to see.

Also like terrible tash said- they’re aren’t “bad as$”. So many people get tattoos and piercings to look cool but it doesn’t make a difference because there so common now. Don’t go put holes in your body for someone else. I know I sounds like a mother but I’m not. I love piercings and tattoos and have some piercings myself but it’s not something that should be thought about lightly. Good luck.

Answer #12

Uhmmm… I’d tell you to go to a professional… it’s better. Not as painful and less risk.

I piecerd my ears by myself the “regular” ones, and ever since then I’ve went to a professional… it’s brutal to do it by yourself. [[I’ve had around 20 done by a professional]]

If you really wanted to do somthing by yourself do you eyebrow. Your tongue is soo dangerous you might hit a vein and can bleed to death, you can lose feeling in your tongue and mess up your tastebuds… And your nose is cartillage, you’d have to go sooo slow to get the hole actually in a good position that the pain would be horrid.

P.s. those 3 piercings aren’t “badass” they’re normal… haha

And to do it just do a lot of research… make sure you’ve got a GOOD needle, proper jewlerry, and know how to do it…

Answer #13

piercings are a wicked bad idea to do on your own due to infection and rejection. tho if you really want to do it on your own check out bmezin. com also you should really go to a shop and learn from them if they are cool with that or just go when your friends go to get them done.

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