How do I hide a Monroe piercing?

I want to get a Monroe piercing.

My mother does not mind I get it, it is my Father who has the problem. He freaked when I got my ears pierced for the 2nd time.

If I do get it pierced I need to get the smallest jewel in it ever, even though I want a medium one. I need a small one to keep in around relatives, and a normal/medium one for school.

When I first get it done can I use coverup to hide it, how long do I need the peircing in till I can remove it for like 1 hour or so? I just need to hide it from my dad.

I am 18, and I know I that gives me the right just to do what I want, but I live with my parents.

Also, if I get it pierced, am I a lot to switch to a bigger ‘jewel’ or piercing when im in school?

Answer #1

personally I don’t think you should hide it its a way of expressing yourself and your dad needs and well get over it after a while and he should expect you no matter what you decide to do with your body or any decisions you make

Answer #2

I wouldnt do coverup on it when you first get it done, you dont want it to get infected. and the stud you have to use when you first get it done is really large and long it sticks off your face. but after a month you can change it to a clear labret with a small stud. AND with the clear labret you can take the stud out and you will barely see it!! but you definitly will have a hard time hiding it for the first month or so, maybe a bandaid? hope this helped!

Answer #3

honey I have mine monroe done despite what all these people are telling you uou can not hide it I am a professional piercer you can not take it out nor change it or you will get an infection and PLEASE no coverup or make up thats asking for an infection if ma says yes just go for it dad will eventually get over it all parents do

Answer #4

Don’t put cover up over it, that’s really bad for the peircing, you can’t hide the piercing, you can take it out or get clear balls.

Answer #5

omg…I had the same exact problem.Only thing is I would take it out so much to hide it from my father that it would bleed and get very sore at times.One I took it out really fast before he came into my room and when he came in he noticed because of the red mark it left on my face.I would advice that you just wait,or maybe get a magnetic’ll look real and you will be able to remove and replace it back in a matter of seconds.

Answer #6

Piercings have gauges and the smaller the gauge number, the bigger the hole. Most monroes are done at 14g to prevent migration(the piercing moving out of the hole) but I’m sure you can get one at 16g, which with a retainer in will be practically invisible.

There are also flesh colored “hide-its” for piercings.also.

The gauge and ball size aren’t related. You can get any size ball/rhinestone/whatever on any size post. You also want to avoid changing out the jewelry. It disrupts the healing process, but after a few days you should be fine to put in the retainer, just leave the retainer in and don’t switch it out until it’s healed.

Answer #7

You can’t hide a Monroe, but it would be less visible with a small stud.

Answer #8

Okay thanks alot, now, do you know when I getit peirces does the size of the stud determine the hole size???

Answer #9

I have got a simular issue my mum will let me but if I where it to my skwl I prob get kicked out it is so strict! so I am getting mine done sun 22nd a week 2dai so I am gunna get a clear small 1 4 skwl so it is hard to notice and a nice pink 1 4 at home etc I will let you know how it goes if you like , I’m lukin 4ward toi it the onli thing I am dreadin is seeing the size of the needle! cringe!

Answer #10

What I used to do is take a hole punch and a band-aid cut a tiny little hole out of it and carefully place it over my monroe. And then cover it up with liquid covergirl foundation. Make sure you get a band-aid that’s close to your skin tone.

Answer #11

you can get those lil plastic ones, they work a treat but it may stretch your piercing - maybe sting especially a new one - because thats the trick to its invisibility. there is a flat back (inside ur mouth) and nothing to screw on the end so it fits tightly into the hole. there may be other types, but thats what i’ve got

Answer #12

when your around your dad discize it as a pimple! orr even better a mole… ha-ha

Answer #13

you cant hide this kind of piercing deary

Answer #14

get a clear retainer I use one for school and you cant see it

Answer #15

use a brown ball to make it into a mole or use a retreainer its a claer bar so you cnt c it

Answer #16

it usually takes 8 to 12 weeks to heal DO NOT REMOVE/REPLACE it with another jewel until then…IT WILL lead to infection!!!

Answer #17

You have a lot of choices here I’m fourteen and have five on my face . ANd a micro dermal so ii know a little

There is a type,of bar you can get that is clear , its called a flexIcar , it involves a clear bar with a very very small clear elastic band that you can wear around your dad . It’s a bit like a retainer but its Hallow so you can put a bead on it for school and around friends . THis avoids you changing from jewellery to retainer and getting infections . There really cool and pretty cheap I think

Your second choice is you could always just leave the jewellery in and unscrew the,bead from the end . This would,mean you would be left with the bar in your lip,and since t will be swollen it won’t poke,outand you can cover it up with make up but need to be careful to clean it allot at night and in the mornin .

Your third is the most dangerous choice . Risk it and take it out then put it back In once they leave but tiis Is really dangerous and a bad idea to do at first but can be done no problem after a few weeks

ANy piercer will tell you to leave your jewellery in for least six,weeks but in your case this is impossible . Try,and get it done on a Friday and,don’t come home until Sunday night . This is when you should do option two involving removing the bead. Do this for another week then buy a flexIbar . That should be you sorted . YOur lip will be swollen and sore and pussy for two weeks. Try and stay away from home for that time . AFter that your fine and can start to taje it out but not for to long x and seein as you will be playing about with it it might take longer to heal but be patient x X X hope I helped .

Answer #18

I wouldn’t take it out even for a while right after you get it pierced. It will close up a little bit and be really hard to get back in.

Don’t put cover up on it whatever you do. You can definitely change the size of the jewelry though. Like you said just get a small stud for around relatives and a normal sized one for at school. Just make sure they are both the same Gage.

If you go get it pierced they will most likely pierce it with a 16 Gage needle which is completely normal for the Monroe piercing. Just make sure you get a small stud for them to put in when they pierce it, you won’t be able to put the small one in right after they pierce it. I would suggest a small piece of a band-aid over the little stud while your around your dad.

Normal Monroe jewelry are little steel balls or jewels and like I said before if you get a small stud before and have them put that in when they first pierce it make sure it’s 16 Gage and when you change it to normal sized jewelry make sure it’s the same Gage. If you don’t it might not fit or hurt really bad.

Hope this helped! Good luck with getting your Monroe piercing! :)

Answer #19

You Can’t wear any kind of makeup near it. And when you first get it pierced you’ll get a big one atleast thats what my piercer put in. Because it does swell. And if your not good with pain, I wouldnt get it, cause theres alittle bit of pain. I’ve had a bunch of piercings and this one hurt, but the nose hurts more. But with my monroe, I passed out!

Answer #20

dont try hiding it, I tried it once. but soon enough my dad noticed there was something going on. the taking it out and putting it back in will irriate it and make it red and swollen, and very noticeable. cover up dont really cover up the hole and that could prevent an infection. a clear stub makes it less noticeable, but its still visible. sorry love.

Answer #21

if you live with your rents and they dont like it, let it go…get a job, get your own place, and get a piercing…if ure mom’s ok and ure dads not and you use that excuse thats gunna put a strain on their relationship…not worth it. get a job, ure 18…=)…changing jewlery all the time especially at first you run the risk of the hole closing, YES, THAT FAST, and an infection…

Answer #22

hunny if your 18 and you still live with your parents…kinda sad but listen you are grown now just get it pierced dont try to hide it dont put makeup on it either it will get infected! dont take it out for atleast a good 4-6 weeks. after you get it pierced talk to him about it! it makes it 100 times better! if he says something like what the f* is wrong with you you say im grown I have my own responsibiltys and this is one of them because if it gets infected its all your fault not his! it was your choice wasnt it? if he says take it out just say no the first time but if he asks again take it out and leave the room…in the other room put it back in and when you sleep! and dont put tape on it because it could cause an infection and be very painful or even bandades…also get a clear stud in it so its not as noticable!!! IT WILL WORK!

Answer #23

i dont know if it will be hidden, but it would be less noticeable if you used a clear stud type ring whenever you are around your father, ive seen them before they’re like clear plastic tiny studs….im sure when you do get it done though the piercer will let you know how long you have to keep it in before you can take it out..this girl i know just got her nose pierced and she had to wait a day before switching the stud. i wouldnt go switching it too much, you dont want to get an infection you know?

Answer #24

well technically you cant take the piercing out intill 3-5 weeks after you get it pierced. Just because with the mouth area the inside part of the piercing can be hard to find if you take it out to early. so you would have to wear the jewlery that they pierced you with. and with the cover up, it will work, but you may have a risk of a infection. the make up will effect the healing process and it could cause the piercing to reject.

Answer #25

use lipstick ( any kind and or color will do, however lipstick with extra shine or mentholated moisture will do the exact opposite. I use channel 1N) and pizza grease. Take a spoon and drag it over the top of the greasy slice of pizza. Mix the two together. Usaully 4 slices of pizza and half a stick of lipstick. Blend by hand. It can be chunky. hum very loud once the ointment youve made has been applied. do this several times a day until it clears up. this is no joke.

Answer #26

do not put make up on it you have to keep it as klean as posible trust me I’m getting on and my dads making me read a bunch of web sites and sheaot to no ezacaly about it and you have to wait 4 it to heal before you can change it so I suggest you get a retainer when you get it periced because you won’t be able to swich 4 a while good luck and quite a few of these people are wrong seach it on google and read all the pro websites bbest luck dear :)

Answer #27

at first you cant . you have to wait 6 to 8 weeks. when that is done you and put a see through one. you can get one at hot topic . ^^


Answer #28

stay away from your mom,or just pretend to scratch it in front of it. or just cover it and be like or my lip hurts and then run!

Answer #29

I’ve got one, and the flesh hide-in’s are just as visible, depends on the size of your lips, I have very small lips so it sticks out a lil bit. if you put cover up on it, you take the chance of it getting inside the hole and it get infected or clogged. Good luck ~patience

Answer #30

You can’t hide it. Unless you wear a mask…I guess…but that would be weird…

Answer #31

there are quite a few of my friends that have their lip peirced and have hidden it from they’re parents. but it’s quite hard, and a lot of work. first, don’t peirce with anything unsteril, if you decide to use a peircing earing or a safety pin (which I don’t completely suggest, if you can get a peircing needle online–they’re cheap) sterilize it, hold a lighter to it until it looks a little black and use rubbing alcohol to sterilize. then you also have to have things prepared to get it, buy a real lipring (that you won’t be allergic to) and retainers for it (little clear plastic things). when you’re at school and whatnot, wear the lipring. BEFORE (that’s the key) you are around your parents, but the retainers in and put concealer over them. Pretty easy to hide, but will take a lot of work at first. While they are swollen right after you peirce them, you may want to try to stay away from your parents as much as possible and until you can get the hang of covering them well. hopefully I helped ;) goodluck!

Answer #32

You shouldn’t do it if it’s not okay with your parents. I have one myself and it did take a very long time to heal, about a year.. and every time I would take it out, even for an hour it would close up and be a pain in the butt to get the piercing back in. I don’t know of any real ways to hide it either and if you get it pierced you shouldn’t take it out immediately after.. #1, because it looks like you just got punched in the mouth after you get it pierced and #2, it WILL close! Just remember your mouth is the fastest healing part of your body.. just be careful :)

Answer #33

there are flesh colored ones, and theres clear plascti ones. but I would deffinatly wait longer than an hour before I changed it.

since you are 18, its your choice. But, since you Do live with your parents, its depends on just How Bad your dad will freak out.

Answer #34

Cant really hide it but you could buy a black ball that make it look like a mole

Answer #35

I was in the same position but hid it for 8 months! what you do is buy a small gauge like a 16g. Then what you do is leave it in around your mom && then take it out when your around your dad. when its a little swollen tell your dad its a pimple && you can put makeup on to cover it a bit. But make sure you don’t leave it out for too long… putting a monroe through a closed hole suxx. && when at a distance like when your in your room put only the flatback piercing in it… But leave the ball off. I have hid 3 piercings && it works for me! hope I helped!!! Good luck!

Answer #36

ew I cant believe people would actually consider putting makeup over a fresh piercing. if your dad and mom dont like it who cares. just get it done & be like hey surprise. your 18 not 13. my stand on this is if you are old enough to go to the place and get it done, then youre old enough to get it done.. regardless of your parents opinions. its all parta growin up. but yeah I have mine done. its super cute and you should go get it done. just dont put make up on it. YUCK.

Answer #37

you could try putting coverup on it while your dads around so its kinda less noticable… it mght just look like a really nasty pimple :S and it might damage the monroe, or like get stuck around the edge and look rank till you wash it. or you could put skin-coloured tape over it, like what you put over earrings for sport. but that will probably be verry obvious on your face.

maybe a fake moustache?


Answer #38

I just got my lip done on the bottom left .. my parents dont know about it so id say stay in your room or bring a blanket with you when your around your father dont always do it tho cus it’ll make it kinda obvious .. and don’t take it out because it will get infected !

Answer #39

why dont you try to get a clear stud at 1st then switch it at school I have 1 2 and I try 2 hide it from my reletives to haha good luch

Answer #40

Monroe piercings are hard to hide, but if you get a small clear stud instead of a metal or diamond one then your dad probably won’t notice.

Answer #41


Answer #42

You’re not gonna be able to hide it, the most you can do is make it less noticeable by getting the smallest stud possible. Unless your dad’s blind, I’m sure he’ll still see it. Good luck

Answer #43

who ever said that the nose hurts more is stupid, i got my monroe about a yr ago and it hurt for a few weeks, its a long healing process, so keep it clean, last friday i got my nose done and its nothing, i would rather pierced 10 times then get my monroe again. but if you pass out from a piercing you shouldnt get one at all.

Answer #44

Yes you can. Clear stud. Good Luck. Might find it at Clair’s. or any other body jewelry shop.

Answer #45

Theres nothing wrong with living w/ ur parents when your 18 lol.

Answer #46

Hahah ! Thats funny. thats what i did actually i ran !!

Answer #47

Don’t unscrew the ball and just leave it. It will fall out! You can get clear studs called retainers that make the piercing invisible. They work really well!

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