Is anyone else peeved that the US are creating their own version of Skins that follows identical story lines instead of just watching the original British one?

I’ve been in LOVE with the tv show Skins since it started. I’ve seen every episode and can’t wait for the next series. But apparently the British version isn’t good enough for the US so they’ve completely remade it using different actors, changing some of the names, changing the Maxxie into a lesbian, making Cassie black - small changes like this - yet keeping exactly the same story lines and even chunks of the same dialogue - like when Sid and Cassie are on the trampoline and she’s like “you’ll have to be quick…” EXACTLY THE SAME. Now people in the US that haven’t heard of British Skins will give the US version all the credit (like what happened with The Office) and it’s not fair!! As you can see, I’m not a happy bunny. Who’s with mee?

Answer #1

Is the British version available to watch in the US? I have never seen it, does it come on TV?

Answer #2

I don’t actually know since I’m not in the US but it is available online. And they could have just commissioned the series to get aired instead of commissioning a new one - like we do with US tv like Two and a Half Men, Friends, 24 for example. We don’t make our own when yours is already good :(

Answer #3

It’s just a TV show. It’s not some monumental life event you should be that concerned with. What people choose to watch and make is their business.

Answer #4
  1. sorry if I offended you.
  2. it’s actually a big deal to a lot of people I know and they’re very offended by it. Skins is a HUGE deal to Bit teenagers so most are offended when the US decide ours isn’t good enough because it doesn’t have American accents.
Answer #5

You want to hear the sad truth, it was most likely changed to appease Americans and hold their attention so that the will enjoy it. The sad fact is, alot of americans are extremely close minded and if a program has slang from other countries, places they dont know, accents, etc - a huge majority of people wont even bother watching it and giving it a try. Its the same with foreign films being remade - alot of americans are just too lazy to read subtitles and enjoy original movies and shows that arent in english.

Answer #6

Oh, you didn’t offend me. I suppose we just have different opinions on it. I don’t watch TV, so I guess I don’t really understand what the big deal is, it’s some form of media and I always find it weird when people get really into it. And I highly doubt it’s the accents. As far as I know, British accents are seen as interesting in North America. Maybe try and take some comfort in the fact that people who have never heard of the show will watch the American version and it may lead them to watch the British version and like it more.

Answer #7

Okay well if you don’t or can’t understand something then please don’t have such a strong, unfounded opinion that you express in a patronising way. Thanks

Answer #8

It’s so sad, especially as the original version is so worth it :( thanks for your honesty

Answer #9

So you’re telling me not to answer if I don’t share your point of view? I don’t watch TV because I don’t want to, not because I can’t. I don’t think me not sharing your love and ideals for a certain TV show is reason enough not to answer. This isn’t really a question you have to have a lot of knowledge in something to answer. It’s opinion.

Answer #10

That is true.

Answer #11

Not familiar with “Skins” but I enjoy the British version of The Office far more than the American one. Steve Carell is great but Ricky Gervais brings so many subtle facets to to the main character.

Answer #12

Uhm no that’s not what I said. I said don’t be patronising, saying that it’s not a “monumental life event you should be concerned with.” Well no sh!t Sherlock. And if you don’t watch TV and so can’t fathom how much someone might care about something like this then you’re opinion is, to be frank, worth nothing. Especially if it’s patronising, and contradictory.

Answer #13

When I stated that it wasn’t a monumental life event you shouldn’t be concerned with I wasn’t intentionally being rude. I think you’re being overly sensitive here. Although I must say I enjoy the change of having someone who can properly spell get mad at me and decide to start a dispute. You didn’t specify that TV lovers only were welcome to answer the question. I can fathom caring about things, thanks. It just seems your only getting miffed because I decide not to care about this Skins show and what nation decides to produce it.

Answer #14

YES -.- Half of the charm of Skins was their accents and scenery being British!

Answer #15

its like the inbetweeners was meant to go to america, but i doubt americans would get it, correct m if im wrong.

Answer #16

As a fellow Brit and occasional Skins watcher I have to say, I could not care less that the U.S. are making their own version, Frankly, why should anybody care when they have their version to watch anyway. If people find it offensive they need to work on their perspective.

Answer #17

Emma, my perspective is seeing and being offended by the absolute racism shown by them doing this.

Answer #18

Yes that’s true, it’s very British humour. Gosh I bloody love it. I pmsl at every episode :’)

Answer #19

Ah someone who’s with me on this! When I saw the trailer for the US version I read that the reason they’re doing this is that the things that happen in it aren’t very american, so they’re making it more appropriate - by changing the accents?! What the hell. And surely if it’s BRITISH then the story doesn’t have to be American? It’s infuriatinggggg.

Answer #20

Definitely. The original Office has very subtle British humour and I think it was toooo subtle for Americans. So they made their own version where the jokes are literally punching you in the face. I find both versions hilarious but the original is far more clever and needs more credit for being so daring

Answer #21

Racism? Really? Adapting something to your own culture so more people can potentially enjoy it isn’t racism.

Answer #22

Racist? good grief. Yeah, comparing the remaking of a television programme to racism is highy sensible. My how we are suffering from this terrible discrimination. You’re right this is just so unjust, I now know what it feels like to wear shackles.

Answer #23

fuking football friend:D

Answer #24

bus wankerrrr ;D

Answer #25

Okay, that comment was a little strong. But it is racist. “Oh the British version isn’t good enough for us, we don’t like the accents. Let’s make our own version but only change the accents!!!” If this was like, a TV show with a black cast with say Nigerian accents and it was remade with everyone in it now white and having posh English accents then everyone would go nuts. Context. Think about it.

Answer #26

It’s not racist… If this is what your argument has dwindled down to, I’m done here. There is nothing wrong with remaking a show to appeal to a larger portion of the audience it’s going to be shown to. British and American humour are very different from one another, it will almost definitely have a few more changes than just the accent.

Answer #27

I know what you mean. Skins is absolutely amazing and I just love how in Britain how they’re not afraid to say and show some things like what the US usually thinks is a big deal. British humor is awesome. I will try to watch the American Skins though but I extremely doubt it’d be anywhere near as great as the true Skins.

Answer #28

If you have watched the trailer and read about it like I have then you’ll understand that yes, it is pretty much just about accent.

Answer #29

Skins is the raw exposing truth of some of what actually happens in Britain. I’m still going to watch the US version just out of dedication and to be sure about what I think or the prove me wrong. “Skins though but I extremely doubt it’d be anywhere near as great as the true Skins” I hear that. Skins is the besssssssssssst <3

Answer #30

YES! Skins is amazing! It doesnt need to be destroyed by an American re-make. I find it really irritating when Americans take something that was really good and make their own version which is usally terrible. Not always, but usually.

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