Why do i have pdd?out of what percent of people have this diability?can i graduate high school with this condition?my teacher says i have a delay in

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Have you been diagnosed by a professional? Just because a teacher tells you things like that doesn't mean that it is true.

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Oh and I have a friend with aspergers who is currently studying with me, has not yet failed and gets along fine with people (without them knowing about his disability). Just because people put a lable on you doesn't mean that you should believe them.

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First of, there is no way a teacher could diagnose a PDD. It takes extensive testing by a psychologist to diagnose a disorder like that. There's a lot of controversy on why people have PDDs. Some people think it's toxins, some people think it's vaccines, immune deficiency problems, the list does go on, and no one is sure. About 1% of people have it. Yes you can graduate. And having a delay in math, reading or writing has nothing to do with a PDD. Those are whole other disorders, and once again cannot be diagnosed by a teacher. The only thing there that is related to a PDD is the social skills, but in itself it doesnt mean anything. The fact that you've hit high school and no one has noticed anything apart from this teacher, well that's highly odd. It's usually diagnosed in the first couple of years.

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This is a link to a simplified version of what PDD is and what it means. After reading it myself, I'm appauled that a teacher would even say anything...other than maybe suggesting a Psycologist to do an in depth dianosis. That teacher is walking on thin ice, I think.


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