Password on a folder on xp?

Is there any way that I can set a password on a folder so no one can see what I have got there? Im using a windows xp . If you know how to set it can you please explain it to me.

Answer #1

Ok you can buy a program that will password protect the files or you can pirate it if you have a P2P application. There is a third method which will hide your files inside a simple image file such as a .jpg Although it wont be password protected, no one will know they are there to look for them and even if they double click on the image it will just show the image. First put all the files you want hidden into a compressed format using winrar or 7zip or whatever. Then move the zipped file onto your C: drive along with the image you’d like to hide them in. It’s easiest to put them on the C: drive but you can also put them all into the same folder. Then you open up Command prompt. Go to start, then run, then type cmd. Once you get to the directory containing the image file and the zip file you will type this. “COPY /B cow.jpg + secretfiles.rar SecretCow.jpg” Without the quotations. The “/B” stands for binary, “cow.jpg” is just an example, you would actually use the name of whatever image file you’d like it doesn’t have to be .jpg it can be a .gif or whatever. The “secretfiles.rar” is the name of you archived file. The “SecretCow.jpg” is the new file name that the combined product will be given. So now all those secret files are hidden in an archive inside a simple picture and if anyone clicks on it they will only see the picture of a cow or whatever picture it is you use. So again if I chose to hide my “secretfile.rar” inside the image of a cow named “Cow.jpg” you would go to the destination folder in Command prompt and type “COPY /B cow.jpg + secretfiles.rar SecretCow.jpg” that combines them and renames it. Then to open the files just right click on the image and click extract here or wherever you’d like them to go. If you are really paranoid you can rename “secretfile.rar” taking off the .rar so its now named “secretfile” and recompress it again using something weird like .tar that no one ever uses. Thats probably the quickest free method of protecting your files. However if you have the time inclination and bravado you can pirate many password protection applications for free using P2P. My favorite bit torrent application is Utorrent, and my favorite bit torrent search engines are and Folder guard and Folder Lock it are two good small applications to look for. Good luck.

Answer #2

If you just have one you can get a free program called lockbox that does what you want and hides the folder. You only have access to the password dialog box. (Forget the password and you permanently lose the folder contents!) I use it myself. Good Luck!!

Answer #3

I think you’ll have to download a special “password protected folder” program that makes an encrypted folder and it only decrypts the contents when you enter the correct password.

Another way to do it is to zip (compress) the folder and password protect it, but that may be a bit annoying; I’m not sure.

Answer #4

thanx people and its not a porn folder omg I just want to keep documents away from other people that might use my computer without my permission

Answer #5

I Know it was a joke. haha thts wht I meant to say

Answer #6

haha. why is it a porn folder or something

Answer #7

I know I was joke

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