Is there harmful gas making me pass out?

Ok… Here it goes… I go to this donut shop place like everyday of the week and im usually fine but this one day I went down I was ok but I started feeling really agrivated and got lightheaded and was ready to pass out so I went home and fell asleep o yah I also was shaking really bad. Ok so I thought it was my allergy pills. But 2 weeks later I went down again and I was ok but I got ligtheaded again… And so I didnt stay very long and as soon as I got fresh air I was fine? So im thinking maybe they got some kind of harmful gas or somthing because its not normal for this to happen. Anyways help!!!

Answer #1

There are so many things that can cause dizziness and a feeling of passing out. There are different types of dizziness as well that can indicate different things.

A person may experience dizziness for many reasons. Syncope(a type of dizziness) is associated with low blood pressure, heart problems, and disorders in the autonomic nervous system, the system of involuntary functions such as breathing. Syncope may also arise from emotional distress, pain, and other reactions to outside stressors. Nonsyncope nonvertigo dizziness may be caused by rapid breathing, low blood sugar, or migraine headache, as well as by more serious medical conditions. Vertigo dizziness is often associated with inner ear problems called vestibular disorders.

You can look up more about dizziness here:

Because dizziness may arise from serious conditions, it is advisable to seek medical treatment.

xox Sika

Answer #2

O yah by the way im not loosing weight rapidly im not even losing weight. In my other questions I said im called a stick im not really a stick im just thin like my brother. And im not going from 115 to 110 to 115 anymore either im going from 115 to 128 back and fourth. Im just very very active. Abyways beside the point does anyone else have amy answers that dont make me sound diseased or sumthin?

Answer #3

Check the donut shop to see if there are any carbon monoxide detecters around, the silent gas. . .Go in with someone else to see if they are smelling any thing out of the ordinary. DO you smell like amonia or bleach, pinesol or any thing like that? To many mixtures can cause fumes. . .Good luck

Answer #4

ummm ok I was there for 20 minutes tops and I only got dizzy when im there as soon as I walked out of there I mean as soon as I got out of there I was fine. I do have allergies real bad to so it might just be a new chemical they are using. I just seen my doctor 2 months ago im healthy.

Answer #5

o sorry for talking again I couldnt leave this out… the first time that really bad dizziness thingy occured I went home right away and checked my sugar even though I DONT have diabetes and it was a normal 110 as usual…

Answer #6

I think you should check your house if your mom is using the oven again or that gas to heat your house that will make you sick for sure..

Answer #7

wait I dont think you under stood me… I said I didnt have diabetes lol my sugar is always normal so why would I need orange juice??? lol. I was tested for diabetes I dont have it so it couldnt have been that. I think they might be using some differ chemical making me react… OR not to confuse things more… But maybe that first day when I was in really bad dizziness coldness blah blah blah maybe it was because I had a cold coming cause ight after that I got a cold… And maybe it happened again today becauuse I finally got brave enough to go back and see if it happened again and it happened because I was thinking about it too much!!! wont ever know… im just going to try tommorrow and not focus as much on what happened… thanks again!!!

Answer #8

I didnt smell anything it smelled the same to be as it usually does… But thanks so much for not making me sound like a freaking stick passing out all over the place!!! Lol anyways by the way people I didnt exactly pass out I got light headed and dizzy and felt like passing ut the first time this time I got a little dizzy again… But the first time I was real dizzy and stuff but went home covered up cause I was cold and shakey of course and woke up normal… But today when it happened I just got mildly dizzy and left right away and as soon as I hit that fresh air I was fine!!! there does that help a little??? By the way im not losing weight like other people saying im 128 pounds and im 15 so yah im not abnormally skinny… ok so im going to the donut shop tommorow again fo anothe test to see if it happens…

Answer #9

No it aint that im fine at home lol and we dont use the oven that was only when are furnace was broke… We use the funace now lolz… anyways I didnt get dizzy this time I must have been thinking bout it to much yesteday… PLus I didnt have time to get dizzy today michelle… Kathy Prentice came down and was csreamiung at my mom saying she said somthing she didnt really said and had her crying and everything… I just think they dont want us at they’re funeral and I dont really care cause I didnt want to go anywayz… but whatever… lolz

Answer #10

Ok OK!!! People if you didnt catch it already im fine now I went down again today and didnt get dizzy or anything im good now I think I got dizzy before because of a cold that was coming on. But yah I’ve told a doctor befor ethat I get dizzy when I get up. But he said its because I get up to fast. Lol. Remember that michelle? When I told the allergy doctor that I get dizzy when I get out of bed and stuff and he said… well you cant just get up and jump out of bed you gotta let your blood flow!!! remember we laughed so hard and we almost got kicked out!!! like omg lolz

Answer #11

A lot can happen in two months to effect your health. I would see your doctor again. I don’t think it’s the donut shop. If there was some sort of gas or chemical you wouldn’t be the only one effected by it, plus that would probably be a health code violation and the place would be shut down. Getting dizzy definitely isn’t good, you should get it checked out. It definitely sounds like low blood sugar or something similar like what Sue90 describes. See a doctor.

xox Sika

Answer #12

Dear maxypoo, From your other questions you are loosing weight fast. This is not normal and could be from a host of problems and I would adventure to say that this is why you are getting light headed. It may be just coincidence it is happening at the donut shop all the time. Perhaps it’s the time of day you are going there and you haven’t eaten and your blood sugar is low. Regardless you need to see a doctor both the weight loss and light headed isn’t normal. Sue…good luck

Answer #13

Well that’s good to here next you feel dizzy try drinking some OJ, but sit down first, just to make sure your Glucosse level isn’t to low. . . Also you may want to check your Thyroid it could be playing tricks on ya. . . I’m a healthy 5’3 1/2 145 lbs. and thats with booty. . . and 3 kids that’s me on the left. . . But yeah my sugar level plays tricks on me too. . .Do you crave sugar @ weird times?

Answer #14

like omg it isnt just a coincidence that I get dizzy just there now come on im not dizzy now havent been these pass 50, 000 weeks only when I go there please people come on now!!! you trying to make people panic on here? geeze like right now I walked like really far to the library not dizzy!!! I am never dizzy not even the least bit sick it only happened when I went to the donut shop!!! I have ALLERGIES it mght be a new cleaner they are using

Answer #15

good, that’s nice to hear that nothing’s wrong anymore, and you’re ok! LOL, don’t get up too fast anymore! xD ;) I get colds easily too!

Answer #16

Oh yeah your welcome. . . People should not judge there’s a higher power out there that does the judging. . .

Answer #17

Glad to hear everything’s fine!

xox Sika

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