How to pass a blood drug test?

I need to take a drug test possibly blood. I hit a joint like two times how can I clean my system?

Answer #1 accurate informations about mind altering substances and situations associated with them. I think you are SOL, but if there is a solution, it’s on that site.

Answer #2

Thats your stupidity. You should have to pay for your actions. Maybe you’ll be more responsible next time…

Answer #3

as far as blood tests goes I couldn’t tell ya hun! but if it’s not a blood test then drink LOTS of cranberry juice && water !! && have your ever heard of the vitamin golden seal?? my step dad used to take it pretty much every day && he NEVER failed a drug test && he was almost ALWAYS high lol

Answer #4

Dear marlondonnell, THC…the chemical in pot gets stored in your fat cells. This makes it impossible to flush and difficult to leave the system. THC build and builds upon itself. So someone who is a daily smoker will be building quite a stock pile and can take 40 days to leave the system. When getting a drug test, a blood test is very accurate. Much more so then a urine test. Will after only two hits can it show…who knows but I’m assuming your about to find out. Sue…good luck

Answer #5

I have to go to my DOCTOR and she has a new policy for people that have a script for any kind of painkiller and I do. She will be taking blood and urine is there any thing I can do to pass for THC. I have taken 2-5 small tokes maybe a total 10 times this month. I read where Dexatrim will cause false positive but will that work on a blood test. I am have been downing the water and cran. juice…but I am a wreck worry about this. My appt. is 7 days away I can push it back a couple of days. I just dont know what to do. PLEASE DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY THING I CAN DO???

Answer #6

a month after you hit it you will be fine. hope you find a way, everyone make mistakes, no one is perfect.

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