Should I eat the morning of the drug test?

welll I’ve studied for this test and I know most of all of the techniques, I am only wondering if I should eat the morning of the drug test, and if so, what?

Answer #1

I read once where if a person is fasting the body begins to break down the stored body fat, which releases any THC stored there. So I would guess a normal amount of eating is in order.

Good Luck !!

Answer #2

Dear raburt_the_great, Not sure if you are taking a test about drugs or trying to pass a drug test? So I will assume you want to pass a urine test. Sorry, there is no techniques or things to drink eat to flush the THC out of the system faster. Depending on how much you ingested it will take 2-40 days to leave the system. The statement is right that it is stored in fat cells and anyone telling you they drank this or did that and it left the system early is really pulling your leg. Other drugs will vary on body weight etc. If it were that easy to pass the tests everyone would be passing…but the majority don’t. why is that? Because they were told they could with a certain technique and they failed. If it sounds to good to be true…it is. Sue…good luck

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