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I smoked one bowl between one other person and i on feb 13, and it’s march 1st. I’m 115lbs & 5’6 (i heard weight matters) and I took three niacin, but I’m not peeing, I’ve never been drug tested before. And I have no idea about any of this. Should I pass? Don’t give me any of the “you shouldn’t have done it in the first place” bullshit. Cause that was the last time I decided. I didn’t like it anymore. But please help. Thankyou!

Answer #1

You could try drinking a whole gallon of cranberry juice, it isn’t guaranteed to work but it’s worth the try I guess.

Answer #2

Substance screening is obviously an invasion of privacy and an unreasonable search. Those asked to undergo substance screening are considered guilty until proven innocent and are potentially being forced to self-incriminate themselves. The first thing to determine is if you can be forced to be screened. You will need to research federal, regional and local laws to determine if whoever is testing you has a legal right to do so. Most Canadians can not be forced to undergo substance screening but Americans have fewer rights against this invasion of privacy. Assuming you are in the US: Pre-employment screening is normally legal but once hired you may have more rights. Also, if you are in a Union than you shouldn’t be subject to substance screening unless your union has agreed to this. If you are on parole substance screening is normally one of the release requirements but if law enforcement is otherwise pressuring you to take a test do they have a warrant or probable cause to believe that you are guilty of some crime? You should ask exactly who is subject to substance screening? Is your boss subject to substance screening? If (s)he isn’t you can ask why not? Are you being singled out because of your age, ethnic group or because your boss doesn’t like you? If the test is being administered in an arbitrary or capricious manner than you may have the right to refuse it or to have the results invalidated. If you are being forced to accept screening under threat of firing or detainment make it clear that you do not consent to the test but you are taking it under duress. Tacit agreement to screening may reduce your rights to appeal it. My understanding that infrequent users of your substance can usually pass screening a week after the last exposure. I would still avoid screening if there is any way you can; I haven’t used any sort of illegal recreational substances in 30 years but I still decline substance screening on principal. If you do test positive maintain your innocence and demand a second test. Good Luck!

Answer #3

drink a glass of water with a jello mix in it

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