How to pass a drug test?

I was wondering does any one have a way to pass a drug test if you still have thc in your system I have an interview soon and I need to know and p.s I do not still smoke it was an experimental thing and I do highly regret it it was not worth it if you have not do not try it it is bad please tell me one that works not a myth thank you =d

Answer #1

a friend of mine smoked on like wed or thur and went mon to take a drug test and passed he took charcol pills you can get them at walgreens or any kind of pharmacy good luck :)

Answer #2

hmmm im not sure.. I know when they gav me a drinking test at school I kept laughing and they finally gave up caus I couldnt stop laughing so I got out of it (thnk god)

Answer #3

Dear psychoman13, I won’t lecture on the weird thing you did…smoking just before a test DUH! But I will be honest with you. THC stores in body fat…these so called remedies are all bogus or everyone would pass the tests right? Well they don’t all pass…Depending on the amount smoked it can take 2-40 days to leave the system. Remember it stores in body fat…how would charcoal absorb that when it’s in your stomach…jogging will make you sweat but if you would have to loose fat and the fat that contains the THC…good luck with that. So perhaps you didn’t smoke enough to matter, perhaps you did but maybe you need to figure out why you did this just before your test…appears you may not want that job after all. Sue…good luck

Answer #4

Detox. google it. you can get it at almost any head’s shop

Answer #5

just jog for like 2 hours and it gets out of your system. thats what I did =D

Answer #6

dont know how it worked sue90 but it did

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