Pass a drug test

Yo please help I got to take a drug test in like 2 weeks from today I smoked a dime yeastardy and kinda constantlky since schools been over but I took a one day break 2 days ago my dad is testing me im 15 and I really need the help!!!

Answer #1

Your dad? what the…

Answer #2

sounds like your screwed. better luck next time. you shoulda learned LAST time. your picture obviously shows how stupid you are… your trying to simply get by. not fix your problem.. or prevent another problem like this. grow up.

Answer #3

well then your mom is the one with the brains. stop doing drugs. take the fall this time and then get off drugs. no one can help you. nothing is going to get it out of your system.

Answer #4

you’re screwed buddy. stop doing drugs.

it sounds like your dad isn’t stupid. good for him. it’s time to wise up hon.

Answer #5

notr helping !!!

Answer #6

I love you

Answer #7

lol…see the problem is that no one wants to help you because you have gotten yourself into the most idiotic mess.

props to layashea.

Answer #8

omfg help me not critize me

Answer #9

…won’t that just make him retain water??

and if this isn’t the first time, then that’s pretty sad. learn something, man.

Answer #10

yo this aint the firs time

Answer #11

thts not helping ither !!! and btw my mom wa s filling his head with that

Answer #12

thts not helping!!!

Answer #13

I need sombodys help !!!

Answer #14

someone said to drink green tea im litary dringink a 16 0z bottle of it now that I just made

Answer #15

its your own fault, and unless you get someone elses piss your screwed

Answer #16

k, so saw this in a movie - get piss from a friend into a bag with a tube coming out - im assuming your dad has the decency to let you go to a corner while you piss so just pull out the tube thing when you unzip and just fill up. good luck and just dont do it so often - you gotta chill wit it

Answer #17

drink lots of water, tons, exercise, you got p[lenty of time ull pass I passed on 3 days of being clean doing that then dilute your piss by putting warm water in it and put a little salt if your that paranoid or go buy a detox, youd pass pretty much instantly

but I think ull be chill with just drinking water and excersizing

Answer #18

I going to do that but my dad might tell me to pee in front of him so I dont try somthnig like that

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I have been on probation off and on since 95. I have leaned the hard way how to pass, because I don’t believe I should be told what I can and can’t do. I smoke 3 weeks out of the month I quit 6 days before test. I quit taking opiates 2 days before test. I eat plenty of fiber because it helpls the body get rid of the thc, the day before. The days before that I eat plenty of meat and protien. The day of the test drink several glasses of water. One hour before the test I take 80 mgs. of Lasix,(flourisimide) this is a prescription diretic. It slows down the kidneys that produce the metabolites that cause you to show up hot. If you have trouble tracking down lasix just go to an online pharmacy. I order it all the time from a canadian pharmacy. Very cheap. If you can’t get lasix drink a lot of coffee in the morning then a gallon of water. Exercise helps a lot too. Especially with the opiates. If you urinate about ten to twelve times before the test you should be good. Take a few b-2 vitamins to give your urine color. Some people will say that the lack of color will make the test not count. This is not true. My piss is always clear. What are they gonna do. All you have to say is you drank a lot of water so you could piss. Never failed and never had a problem. Don’t take my word for it. You can buy home drug test kits online for next to nothing so test yourself and that way you will know how long it takes. Good luck to all.

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