How do vets treat Parvo?

my puppy is going in to the vet in the am, but I would like to know how they treat parvo?can anyone tell me what they do?

Answer #1

No they DO NOT “carry” it the rest of their lives…Unlike some other viral diseases, Parvo doesn’t have “carriers”…unless you count dogs and people “carrying” it on their feet or hands.

Listen to magichalo1…if this pup has Pavo; as she said, the one thing you’re short on is TIME…she can also give you advice on that “tender lovin” suportive care they need to have.

As for the giant lump on his head…if he has concusion or slight skull fracture…that can also make him appear “depressed” and not feel up to eating or drinking…

If it turns out that he doesn’t have Parvo, start him on his shots…and DO NOT take him anywhere out in public till he’s at least half way thru (I’d keep him in his own yard, myself, till he was done with series)…They are vulnerable to catching it, till after the second shot…

It isn’t true that Parvo pups are sickly for life…


Answer #2

ok I am trying to get ahold of misty363, but I can’t get my e-mail on this site to work!!so if you happen to see this would you please let me know.

Answer #3

Phrannie is right, as for some of the other people that commented on this, you don’t know the facts so please dont be spreading around false information. I can say this because I went to school for this kind of stuff..Im a vet tech.

Answer #4

Good luck. I hope all works out well. If it is parvo, One thing you need to know is it can live up to over a year anywhere the puppy was. So I would not bring any pups or unvaccinated dogs around. So sorry, but glad to hear you are going to the vet.

Answer #5

Many of th edogs that survive parvo remain “sickly” and will become reinfected. Good luck. Next time, vaccinate.

Answer #6

ok well the vet said that she has parvo.I haven’t been this tired since the kids were babies.sukee’ means the world to my whole family, so someone is by her side at all times.she is doing better today. we are following the vets insturtions to a T., so we are all hoping that she will pull through. what I need to know is. do I need to get on bleaching the yard today? is she catching this every time she goese outside??I think I will have to call the vet again today to find out. thank you for all of your guys help.

Answer #7

well I just got her, but she is 13 weeks. no shots yet, will be taking her in on mon., as we just got her. I don’t know for sure that parvo is what she has.the day before she starting getting sick she had a big bump on her head, and I mean big, look like someone hit her with a bat we babied her all nite, well the next day the swelling was gone, but there was a bug bite looking scab on her head. then she started just laying around looking sad, now she is pooping blood. she has been eating here and there. she wouldn’t drink anything so I went to the store and got her some chicken broth, she has been drinking that every here and there. the whole family is taking care and babying her, we just have to get her through til the am.

Answer #8

Why do you think your puppy has Parvo? If it does it most likely won’t make it till the AM without fluids and good care. Puppies can pull through but must fluids, since diarrhea and vomiting is what dehydrates the puppy and that is what actually will kill it.

You must stop the diarrhea and stop the vomiting. A pup can be treated at home but you must know what you are doing and your Vet will need to give you the meds you need. If you do not know how to do anything for your puppy it needs to be at the Vet’s now!

As Misty363 is saying about keeping them clean, you must clean everything with bleach. 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Soak everything the puppies is in contact with. Let stand 20 mins. Wipe and rinse. Must wipe all material away. Yards must bleached also, Parvo will stay in the yard for several months. Other dogs and people can pick the virus up on their feet and shoes and carry it home to their pets. Oh the bleach will kill the grass.

Has your puppy had it’s shots and how old is it? What symptoms does it have?

Actually they can recover and be healthy dogs and actually super dogs in the sense that they will develop an immunity to the disease if they survive and have very good care.

Answer #9

my dog had this when she was a puppy too. I was only a year and a half older than she was so I really don’t remember how my parents treated her but she was cured and lived to be 16 years old (that’s about 4 years longer than the vets told us to hope for because of her particular breed.) … Anyway, I can’t offer any advice on treating the disease but I just wanted to reassure you that dogs that contact this disease are not destined for a sickly life or anything like that. In fact the only real health problem my dog had was when she was 13 and she had an infection and swelling in her ovaries. That was bad but she pulled through. All of her other aliments she brought on herself (like eating a box of rice crispy treats or eating a deluxe box of crayons.) She got into a bit of trouble every now and then but she truly was a great dog. She and I literally grew up together and I never really saw her as a dog, she was always my sister and sometimes my mother and my protector whenever I needed (and even when I didn’t need protecting … I lost a few boyfriends that way. Lol.) But she was always my friend. Its been almost a year since we had to put her to sleep but I can honestly say that she changed my life in so many ways. Is it bad to love a dog more than you love your father? Oh well. I got a bit off topic from parvo but my point is that you dog can fully recover and be an even more amazing dog than you could imagine. Good luck and best wishes for your puppy. After this passes you should have her vaccinated for everything. I don’t think they give rabies shots until the dog is at least six months old but other than that I’d get I’d done as soon as possible. I hope your dog feels better soon.

Answer #10

honey, I dont think it is treatable. before I was born, my parents got a puppy and then they went to hawaii and left it at a friends farm with them and she got sick with parvo and died.

Answer #11

Parvo is cureable!!! Im a vet tech and if treated quite a few parvo cases. Every case is different and it just depends on how far along they are with the diseas e. They will probly keep the dog for atleast a couple days if not weeks, depends, probly give the dog some fluids since parvo makes them really really dehydrated because they have diarrhea bad. and probly some antibiotics, unfortunatly the best way to cure parvo is just a lot of nursing care, ex. keeping them clean, making sure they are comfortable and stay hydrated. Let me know if you have any more questions about it, and how the dog does, but dont worry theres a good chance the dog will be ok, even tho parvo is very deadly and thats why ever dog should be vaccinated as puppies for it.

Answer #12

ok doese that mean that they carry it for the rest of their lives then?

Answer #13

It’s not curable but it is treatable.

Answer #14

Parvo is curable and even if the dog is into his 2nd round of shots he still can get parvo. The main thing is to the keep him hydrated!

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