What do you think is the worse part of being sick?

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Definitely the aches :/ I can't stand the way my body aches when I am sick.

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Definately not being able to sleep!

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Always having to blow my nose! I really get tired of it, and not being able to smell anathing or breath right...

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The fact that you get everyone sick, so when you're better they're sick, and then they get you sick again :| its a never ending cycle.

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Feeling tired all the time. I don't like sleeping, I only sleep when I have to. It feels like a total waste of time feeling tired then ending up in bed all day

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I hate being sicck because my parents get angry at me for being sick. The noises are annoying I can't talk and they literally punish me for not being able to do anything. I hate it.

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I think feeling tired, but not being able to rest. There's nothing worse than that, because you just drag yourself everywhere when you have no other choice. I'd rather be in a warm bed than out doing things. D:

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Coughing. I can handle pretty much anything else but I hate coughing. My boyfriend looks after me when I am sick though which is nice.

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How can you not like sleeping? :|

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:( Because, I could be out there doing billions of other things :D rather than laying on my bed.

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i hate being weak.with sickness,i might throw up or i might have aches,but then again i can move with those.but if i'm weak i can't even move and do the things i love to do.

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The stuffy nose.. omg I get so close to going insane, you can't sleep grr... also the pounding head isn't so fun either

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stuffy nose, sore throat, and coughing every 2 seconds.. :(

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The tiredness is the worst part for me and the stuffy head. I hate that the most.

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Well tbh I can't choose. I hate all of it really. Being tired even you slept all day/can't sleep,making everyone else sick when you get better,nothing to do, having to "Blowing your nose.Cough.Groan.Repeat."Having no appetite and when you come back to school/work, you have twice as much work so you can catch up(which takes forever btw) =(

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feeling miserable myself all the time. like right now :(

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when you have to miss a cool event...

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the taste!

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The fact you can't really do what u want...

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