Does anyone know the name of this part of mozart's opera cosi fan tutte?

So far I couldn't find the info or classical performance of this piece (it can be seen on youtube link).

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Unfortunately we can't view this video in the US.

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Can't view it in Germany either. Sony had it blocked.

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Try to find on youtube: Rondo Veneziano, Cosi fan tutte.
Thanks in advance.

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Unfortunately I have tried to upload my video of this piece on but after some time I was rejected and my video was deleted due to copyright law.The same problem exists on youtube even with posted improvised clips (not the original ones).Strange thing is that there are so many original videos on those sites and nobody touches them.
I don't know how to delete this post since it became uselees?


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Can't view it in Riyadh either soo... LOL! Sorry dude!

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