What's the best part of high school ?

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Getting taller?.. lol

If you mean HIGH school, then there are a lot of great parts. There's learning new things, making new friends, starting your path to your future..

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there's such thing as a height school?!? omg! why did no-one tell me

I only went to highschool and the best part of that was making new friends that have the same personalities as me and you get to have different teachers teach you

last year of high school?!

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Getting to new tons of new people from all the grades, I think that's awesome, like people from all ages get along there and stuff, also there is all kind of people, at some point you will find people that you connect to, and that can be great friends with you.

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Senior year.

Should I go back to High School or stay where im at?

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Meeting so many different people and experiencing everything in life for the first time And what I mean by "life" isn't the regular eat, sleep, breath-once in high school you experience everything differently. Emotions, knowledge, etc Not to mention the occasional drunk experience. ;)

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